Took NCLEX-RN today...keep getting good pop-up...still feel numb!

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Good is soooooo good! i literally thought I failed! I pray that this pop-up is an accurate indication, because Jesus KNOWS I can't sit through that again! My test was so damn hard...and yet some of it was simple....with bits and pieces of "huh" and "what" and "yeah right"!! I really felt like I knew nothing on it....after question number 10, I wanted to cry! I didn't even take a break!! Got 75 questions and the screen went blue! It took me maybe 1 hour and 30 minutes!!

Everyone's test is different, but my test was all OB and Meds and therapeutic communication and only 5 SATA (which had me freaking out because they were literally spaced out the entire test and I only had 5 of them...yes FIVE!! smh)....ish was CRAZY!! But God is so, so, so good and He was with me the entire time....even when I wanted to cry!! I couldn't even take a break because I knew if I went to the restroom I would start balling tears!! So I just kept going and prayed that after 75 I would be put out of my misery - and He answered my prayer with a blue screen!!

I pulled out my ipad when I got to the elevator and by the time I was to my car, pearson vue was loading and I got the pop up!! I literally fell to my knees next to my car and started crying and thanking Jesus!! I still feel like I'm in a daze! I just don't know what to think!

My advice to those of you studying is go over everything - I literally dreaded OB and Meds during my studying and neglected them and that is exactly what was on my test (I literally wanted to attack the computer screen when I hit next and would get another OB question!!)

Did I say that God is good??!! Try Him and see for yourself!!

I know some of you may want to know what I used to study and I did Kaplan for questions and Hurst for content. My scores are below. I hope this helps!! Keep doing questions, reading the rationales, and praying!! And when you're done praying, pray some more!!

Kaplan Scores

Diagnostic 49% (which sent me into a panic and led me straight to Hurst for some content)

QT 1 69%

QT 2 69%

QT 3 53% (another panic moment)

QT 4 62%

QT 5 65%

QT 6 69%

QT 7 67%

Readiness 61%

Qbank (100% complete) 61%

Kaplan Sample NCLEX tests

Test 1 72%

Test 2 58%

Test 3 80%

Hurst Sample Tests (only did 3 out of the 6)

Test 1 64% (80/125)

Test 2 69.6% (87/125)

Test 3 74.4% (93/125)

Also used Lacharity and the study guide (not endorsed by you know who). I only did about 10 chapters and scored anywhere from the 60s-90s!!

And I studied for about 5-6 weeks.

Woke up to THE BEST NEWS OF MY LIFE! Saw my license on CA's BRN website!! STILL CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! It's crazy cuz I thought CA would be slow with their postings. I took my nclex on the 17th and it stated my license was issued on the 19th. Congrats everyone!

Took NCLEX yesterday at 1pm, did the PVT and getting "the good pop-up" as they call it! Man I just wanna celebrate but I just wanna be surebefore I do. This has been a LONG five year journey for me. YES five years!! A little history about me. I got accepted into nursing school fall 2007. I withdrew from pharmacology cuz I didnt wanna fail and risk getting put out of the program (My average was about a 62 in the class) so that push me back 2 semesters because pharm wasnt offered in the spring or summer. Ended up getting pregnant with my daughter before I retook the course. Retook it in fall 2008 and passed with a B. Continued on to the next semester (I was 5 months preggo by then and ironically doing peds and maternity rotations). Classes ended May 11 and I was due May 28th (Wheeew! Close call). I had to decide if I was going to continue on in the summer (which included Med-surge 1 and 2) with a new baby or if I was going to take a break.

I ended up taking a semester off and picking back up in the fall (2009). And what do you know... I ended up failing med-surge with a D :-( Soooo, that pushed me back ANOTHER semester, so I had to take it in the spring (2010) Retook it and passed with a C. Continued on with the final semester Fall 2010. Took my exit exam (ATI, which u need a 70 in order to get ur BSN) and got a 69.3! Less than a point away!! Another failure!!! I felt soooo defeated, but I didnt give up. I looked at all the times I was pushed back which felt like every semester (dropping pharm, having the baby, failing med-surge, and now failing my exit) in Nov 2010. So now I had to retake the exam when it would be offered which was July 2011. which pushed me back AGAIN!! So I took the ATI exam in July, passed it and graduated in the summer. I got pregnant AGAIN with my second daughter. I started preparing for NCLEX in September using Saunders, Lippincott, PDA, and a little bit of Davis. Took the NCLEX in Nov 2011 and FAILED it with 206 questions. I ran out of time! I was 8 months pregnant and didnt think I had enough energy to retake it before the baby arrived. So even though I knew it would be tough to study with a toddler and a new baby, I decided just to wait and retake NCLEX later after I recovered from having a c-section.

Had the baby in January 2012 and signed up with allnurses to get a little bit of motivation and encouragement because physically and emotionally I was so DRAINED. According to the reviews, I was down to deciding between HURST and KAPLAN. A friend of mine had recently passed with just the Q-Bank on her 3rd attempt. So I figured if I can do the entire virtual classroom then there is no reason why I should not pass NCLEX. Purchased the classroom anywhere with a $120 off coupon I found online through a search engine and paid $379 for it versus the $499. I was trying to find a schedule that would work for since the kids were at home with me. I didnt have the money to put them in daycare so I chose to do an 8 day four hour class schedule from 9p to 1a which I completed in mid-May. I set my date for Aug 10. With the two children, my daughters ages 3 yrs and 6 months old, it took me about 3 months to complete everything. I watched maybe 1 or two videos and skimmed through the kaplan coursebook and I read half of the pyramid points in saunders (The key points written in red on the sides that they may test you on.)

My question trainers were as follows....Diagnostic-62%, Q1-57, Q2-65, Q3-62, Q4-49, Q5-33, Q6-62, Q7-56. My Q Bank average was 51% with 100% completed (148 were left unanswered though, so if I didnt run out of time, it might have been a little higher.) I reviewed EVERY single question and answer whether right or wrong and wrote the rationales down in a notebook. I didnt get a chance to read through my notes of rationales before the test. I just skimmed through the study guide I found here in this forum. I completed the question trainers late at nite when the children were sleeping. Like 3 and 4am. Sometimes I fell asleep answering questions and would wake up with a pop-up on the screen saying "your time has expired." So I would have to redo the test the next day so I would have an accurate score because since I wouldnt finish, it would be a score of like 28%.

It was really tough studying with 2 children, I cried many times. Couldnt really get any solid studying done, because of the constant need to stop with a toddler and newborn baby. I would do like an hour here and there throughout the course of the day totaling about 7 or 8 hrs minus the interruptions. I would start early in the morning like 8 and stop at 9 at night. I really felt helpless, but I just kept thinking of how much I wanted for my girls. But anyway Im glad its all over with, I dont even know how many questions I had. I just remember freaking out when it didnt shut off at 75. It was somewhere between 75 and 85 and my last question was about rifampin when it shut off. I just plopped my face into my hands and just sat there for about 2 minutes, completed the survey, and left. I felt like the exam was a straight guess test for me. I was maybe sure about 10 answers out of 80 something.There were more than like 20 times when I had no idea what the answer was and just remember completely melting inside and closing my eyes and just praying and praying and praying.

I had 2 exhibits, a few infection control, float nurse assignments, priority,triage, delegation, 1 dosage. I pray the trick is true! Cant wait to get my quick results tomorrow...This has been the LONGEST five years ever, not counting the 2 yr pre-nursing, (sighs)....

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