Took nclex rn in california on 7/18..

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I started my new grad program last week and if wasn't for having an IP I'd probably be on my way to sacramento trying to get some answers. But I have a classmate who took hers the same day as me (July 18) and is scheduled to start her new grad program on monday August 6 and is praying that this is fixed or she may be out of this opportunity because unfortunately she did not get an IP and once you test you are not eligible to secure an IP anyway.. Everyone keeps asking me (from family to my department administrator) if I passed and all I can say is "well I'm pretty sure I did.....but my license isn't posted yet". This is torture!!


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This makes me feel so much better, I was really starting to worry, I took my test on the 19th, and still.... nothing!! Getting the pop-up on pearson, felt pretty good after the test, and now almost 2 weeks have gone by....Please let me know when you guys see your name on the BRN website!!


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omg!!!! right now itis 3:30 am and i just checked the bon site n saw my name!!!!!!!!!! it took exactly 2 wks and i cant believe i passed!!! i took nclex on 18th so if u took it on the same day, go check the site! ohh i almost forgot to say this..... the pvt really works!!!!!!


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i took my test on the 19th and after almost 2 weeks, my name's on the rn website already! thank you god! pvt works!

I'm up!!!! Thank u JESUS!!! I'm a Regustered NURSE!!!

I'm up too!!!! Took test on 7/19. PVT worked for me:) Thank you all!!!


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I am up also!! Wahooooooo, I am an RN!! What a crazy roller coaster!!!


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Im officially a RN, congrats everyone!!!!!! :)


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ME TOO!!!!! My name is posted and I'm officially an RN! Haha, they must have processed a lot of licenses yesterday! Congrats everyone!


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PVT worked me for me too!!! I'm an RN, I've been waiting since the 21 st. So excited

Congrats, everyone!! I don't know any of you, but I feel like we are forever bonded by this experience!! I wish each of you nothing but the best in your nursing careers!!! We are RNs!!!


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Same to you Mya2bRN!!! I am so thankful to have had you all to vent to :) I am so glad the wait it over. I hope you are just loving your residency program.

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