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  1. takingtoolong

    In search for FNP Preceptor in HOUSTON

    Hello, I'm unable to send you a message privately. I'm also a student NP (acute care) who needs a preceptor for the upcoming Fall 2020. This will be my first clinical rotation and I need 180 hours in an outpatient setting. Do you mind messaging me instead with your contacts? Appreciate it and thanks in advance.
  2. takingtoolong

    UTMB Fall 2019 NP program applicants

    How long did it take before you all got the access for mystar? I paid the supplemental application about two weeks ago and I haven’t gotten it.
  3. takingtoolong

    CEN 2016!

    Currently scoring in the high 60s in the CEN practice tests from the ENA. How do these practice tests compare to the actual exam?
  4. takingtoolong

    Nurse Slang Yo!

    Psych patients = verbal diarrhea
  5. takingtoolong

    Harris Health (Ben Taub) GN November 2015

    I can only speak about BTEC. If that's where you will end up, be prepared to work. Study in advance. Look up Sheehys at Amazon. Enjoy the ride. It's really hard to describe the process, you just have to see it for yourself since there's nothing like it. Good luck!
  6. takingtoolong

    College of the Canyons hopeful applicant

    Hey!! I graduated from COC a few years back and my gpa wasn't that great to begin with as well. To answer your question, it will depend on how many applicants they get. I would hope that COC will look at your trend and how you were able to turn it around. However, the bottom line is that it is all about the GPA. I know they usually get about roughly 120 - 150+ applicants a few years back and they can only take about 70 ~. After which, the rest are put in a "alternative selection pool," where they are informed that they have to wait for a semester before they can start the program, unless someone retracts their application, in which case they select someone from the alternative pool to replace that person (that's how I got in). Just hope for the best and submit your application! COC is a great program, it was organized and detailed. Best of luck to you!
  7. takingtoolong


    Hey!! I was in your situation a few months back with just about a similar background. If EC is what you have always wanted then go ahead and do it. I'm glad I did and I'm enjoying it so far. My shifts are definitely busier and the threat of violence is much higher, however, I'm learning so much. You'll probably feel like out of place in the beginning, but just stick through it. Pay attention to details and don't be afraid to ask questions.
  8. takingtoolong

    Skilled Nursing and Rehab

    Hey everyone! I'm a new grad and I just recently moved to Houston and I started to apply at a couple of skilled nursing and rehab facilities while waiting for any new grad programs to open up. So far I've been interviewed at two facilities that has a bed capacity of 120 patients. In both of these facilities, they have four stations with about 30 patients per station. The team will consist of an RN, 2 aides, and a med aide that will be able to pass PO meds. When I asked what the patients would be like, I was told that that for the most part it would be just like a med-surg unit, with a few patients having trachs, vents, enteral feedings, and dementia (one of the facility doesn't have any patients on vents). Orientation would be anywhere from 3-5 days, however, one of the facility was willing to extend the orientation if needed. I would like to know whether or not this would be manageable for a new grad and what is the normal pay rate for an entry level RN in a skilled nursing and rehab facility in the Houston area? Any input/advice is deeply appreciated.
  9. takingtoolong

    Houston Job Market and Pay

    Hey everyone! I'm a new grad with an ADN from California and I'm starting to look at the Houston job market. I was referred to an assisted living and I was wondering what should I put for my minimum pay requirement/hour? Like I said, I'm still fairly new to the Houston job market and I don't want to put too much nor ask for something low. Also, I plan on visiting Houston at the end of the month, so I was wondering if you guys can refer any hospitals and or SNFs that I can look at? So far, I've only look at the TMC Institutions. Thank you!
  10. takingtoolong

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    i took nclex-rn on 07/19 and after 30 minutes i checked the pvt trick and i got the good pop up. finally, after 11 business days, my name is up on the brn!
  11. takingtoolong

    Took nclex rn in california on 7/18..

    i took my test on the 19th and after almost 2 weeks, my name's on the rn website already! thank you god! pvt works!
  12. takingtoolong

    Took nclex rn in california on 7/18..

    hey everyone! thank you for the updates. i took my nclex on 07/19 and received the good pop up, however, my name is still isn't on the brn website.

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