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Since there is not much more to do but wait...Thought I would share more info given that there seem to be many speculations involved in this waiting game. I called BRN again, was able to get in touch w. the gentleman that handles my section of the alphabet. He was super helpful - he mentioned that they were inputing transcript info that the evaluator department had received Jul 23. My transcripts were submitted by the school 4 weeks ago, and they are now near the top of his pile - to give you an idea of how long of a backlog the transcript input process is taking. No mention of "the glitch" but i think in my case it was not the glitch holding things back it was the missing transcripts. Still hoping that I am not the 1 random person that the PVT does not work for, crossing all digits with hope, faith and positive thinking! Next week I will see my name on the website (but you can bet I will still be checking tomorrow AM in case things got posted today).


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my transcripts were submitted in2009 so i suppose its already in the system n the only problem for me is the glitch? ahhhh... wished so much to see my name on bon but didnt see today... everyone around me knows that i took the exam n they think i passed already for sure. :( so stressful

Jay- I spoke directly with my evaluator. After calling earlier in the day yesterday and getting a generic person who knew nothing I kindly asked if I could have the name and direct # to the person who handles applicants with the alphabet of my last name in which they easily gave me his name and direct line. We each have an evaluator based on our last names who handles our files (applications, transcripts, etc.) So my evaluator is the one who told me about the systems glitch. He is very nice....even called him today and they are still trying to fix the systems glitch. He told me that they have a special access to pearson vue where they can get on their system and look applicants up by social security # and look at their test result, yet they still need to fix the communication glitch between the two sites before license numbers can be assigned to those that passed. My file has been complete with transcripts received and processed by my evaluator since June 16. So if you guys ever call and get someone, simply ask who your evaluator is and if you can have their direct line...then maybe you can get some answers. I honestly believe this is the reason for the hold up. My evaluator even said it NEVER takes this long unless there is an issue with the two sites communicating once Pearson releases the results. And several of my classmates who tested when I did arson the same boat....good pop up yet no name on the was told the exact same reasoning why today as well.


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Thanks for doing alot of legwork and keeping us informed. I took the test today and got the "good" popup after a 75 question test shut off, and I look forward to seeing my name on that site. I would love to know immediately, but I remember that in 2008 it took 5 weeks for the BVNPT to post my name online for my LPN, so I think can deal with a week or two (until the waiting gets to me ugh!)

Thank you, and take care.



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I took exactly a week for me and 3 other students I know to be listed on BRN website. We live in Los Angeles County, it might be shorter processing time for other areas.

@Zolek I'm in Los Angeles as well and it's been more than a week for me and many others....I took the exam on July 18....and yet some of my classmates that tested before me (still in LA)were listed on the site within 3 days of testing and getting the pvt.


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Thank you everyone for posting your trouble with BRN results! I took mine July 21, and my transcripts have been completed a year ago. I got the pop up, however I have been stressing out because my name is still not appearing on the website :/ I feel much better knowing there is a glitch in the system, and I hope we all get our results soon. This is my second time taking NCLEX and the first time I took it the pop up didn't appear.... Of course I didn't pass. So I'm very hopeful of the PV trick :) I will let you know when I find out, once again this forum has helped me so much!!

I took my NCLEX on July 19, 2012. Rec'd "good" pop-up, but still nothing on CA BRN website. It's been 7 business days.


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any updates?? i checked the bon and my name still no show:(


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You guys are all so lucky to have only been waiting a week or so. I took my NCLEX on July 3rd and because my school did not send the transcripts when they were supposed to I am STILL WAITING! I check the BRN site every day and nothing! My only hope is that the PVT is true because I get the "good" pop-up. I just want my official result and to be able to see my name on the BRN site!

Does anyone have any suggestions on what do to? The BRN won't even confirm that they received the transcript (which was supposedly sent by my school 2 weeks ago). This anticipation is just killing me! :no:


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daisy90005- No update here! I took my CA boards on 7/19. This is so frustrating!


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BotoxBaby- Have you tried to speak directly with your evaluator? They should be able to tell you if your file is complete. I called last week and the "operator" or whoever it was said that my file was complete and they are just awaiting my test results. Sorry you have been waiting since July 3rd! 10 days has been killing me :)

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