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To all nurses out there, "What was the most irrelevant interview question...?"


To all Nurses out there,"What was the most irrelevant interview question you've ever been asked during a job interview?" :eek:

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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I've had a few interview questions that seemed irrelevant to me, but were probably interesting to the person who was interviewing me.

1. "So, where are you from?"

2. "You're older, aren't you?" (I'm 28 years old and don't consider myself an older adult, so this question irritated me. Also, age shouldn't be a factor in hiring decisions.)

3. "Why don't you smile more?"

4. "Does the pay matter?" (I don't render services for free, Buddy.)

5. "Are you nervous?"

6. "Why did you dress so nicely?" (Was I supposed to dress like a slob?)

7. "Do you have experience?" (Did you take the time to read my resume and application? If so, your simple closed-ended question would have been answered.)


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Hey Commuter, I too find it anoying when I get asked questions which I already answered on an app., but some people do distort reality so it's probably just a way of double checking. What I find even more anoying is the question "When can you start?" before we have discussed pay, benefits or any issues that are important to me.


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I loved it when I was asked if I had my RN.......this was being asked by the former dean of nursing at the school where I now teach....she had my resume in hand. Like the previous posters stated, READ MY RESUME and you may just get the answer that you're looking for!

Lacie, BSN, RN

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I had an interview last week and at end of interview I was asked if I minded being able to attend one more interview with her "husband". So ok, cool your husband is facility management also then she tells me "No, he's in carpet sales but he sees things I dont sometimes in interviews" - HUH? Am I missing something here as the position is as an RN Research Coordinator! What can a carpet salesman tell you about my nursing qualifications? Needless to say I didnt go to the second interview lol.


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"Plan on having kids soon?" So illegal on sooo many levels...:angryfire

Yes I got that one too. Do you have kids or plan on having any soon ????????


Not_A_Hat_Person, RN

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Yes I got that one too. Do you have kids or plan on having any soon ????????


I would take that as a sign that I shouldn't work there.

On my latest interview the unit manager asked me "Are you willing to sacrifice your boyfriend for this job?:eek: It was the night position and of course I didnt get the offer.

Another one..interview at the nursing home..keep in my mind they knew I was a new grad;

-do you know how to insert IVs?

-do you know how to suction trach?

-why are you applying to nursing home if you did most of your clinicals at a hospitals...

Craziness of some sort..

I was asked at an interview to give an example of empathy, on another ,"do you drink coffee,tea,or soda?" I replied decaf,green tea,and diet soda. I guess they wanted to know if I was picky.:offtopic: