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  1. interesting experiences, thanks everyone for sharing them
  2. RNman09

    New nurses thinking of leaving nursing

    Yes, and this will continue until we RN's put a stop to it. What I don't understand is how the Grocery unions, truck drivers unions always make a big fuzz about contracts, wages, working conditions, etc. but in our profession it seems to be very difficult. Why because we allow it to be this way. Just my opinion:twocents:
  3. RNman09

    Daytonite has passed away...

    :flwrhrts:rest in peace DAYTONITE:flwrhrts: my condolences to her family
  4. Well I guess that settles it, not a lot can turn an OR RN's stomach:barf01: or make their teeth cringe (maybe the smell :sniff:at times) thank you all for sharing your experiences :thankya:
  5. Yeah, that is wrong!!! You all have some interesting stories, Thanks for sharing them . Once we had pt who had an unexpected case of flatulence during a hemorrhoidectomy while being cauterized. It created a small spark but no harm to anyone, it just made the case a memorable one.
  6. No, you are not making a mistake, but only you can decide what your career path will be. Good luck in your future endeavours.
  7. The result of an ectopic pregnancy which was a hanful of hair with teeth:eek: So what have you seen?
  8. RNman09

    "Just a nurse?"

    I just came about this thread and decided to share this with you all. I read this in abook by Suzanne Gordon "from silence to voice" 2nd ed. 2006. She explians of how the " just a nurse phrase can be made into a positive response. "I'm just a nurse, I just make the difference between life and death. I'm just a nurse, I just have the educated eyes that prevent medical errors, injuries, and other catastrophes. I'm just a nurse, I just make the difference between healing, coping, and despair. I'm just a nurse, I just make the difference between pain and comfort. I'm just a nurse, I'm just a nurse researcher who helps nurses and doctors give better,safer, and more effective care. I'm just a nurse, I'm just a professor of nursing who educates future generations of nurses. I'm just a nurse, I just work in a major researching hospital managing and monitoring patients who are involved in cutting edge experimental research. I'm just a nurse, I just educate patients and families about how to maintain their health. I'm just a nurse, I'm just a geriatric nurse practitioner who makes a difference between an elderly person staying in his own home or going to a nursing home. I'm just a nurse, I just make the difference between dying in agony and dying in comfort and with dignity. I'm just a nurse, I'm just the real bottom line in health care. Wouldn't you like to be just a nurse, too?" (here's mine I'm adding this to it) I'm just a nurse, I just happen to be a man are you man enough to be just a nurse?:hpygrp: feel free to add to it.
  9. No, because Nursing is not "just a job" it's a proffession and we are not "just a nurse" that are part of the bunch.:hpygrp:
  10. Good replies from everyone Thank you:) I would also change on how hospital facilities use the economy to justify not hiring more nurses but then turn around and say that the ones who apply aren't qualified/experienced for the job. If the economy was that bad then bonuses wouldn't be given out. :thankya:
  11. You are right Kayartea, but unfortunately in this economy it seems that patient care is not the priority for hospital admins, thus neither is nursing and money is. While the economy is the way it is, people in charge of hospital facilities will try and get as much labor out of one RN, LVN, CNA and make the arguement of "they did it why can't you?". The fact is that now days as long as the patient gets the nursing care (ooops) I meant patient care they need, it doesn't matter how they get it. One RN to whatever number of LVN's, CNA's they give you and it takes teamwork to accomplish that job. Plus, doctors are the reason patients are admitted to hospitals, but RN's, LVN's, CNA's are the ones who ensure they get out. Also, we as RN's need to educate the public about the importance of our jobs and the need for adequate RN's, LVN's, CNA's and patient ratios in hospitals. But until society opens up their eyes to what really is that we RN's do, it won't change.
  12. That would be a nice change for the better:yeah:
  13. The media (and some nurses) potrayal of male RN's and the Nursing profession all together. Gaylord Focker, Nurse Jackie, Hawthorne, etc...
  14. I haven't read those books but after reading some of the pages Amazon allows for reading I think I'll be buying them. The books seem interesting, thanks for sharing and suggesting those books-- lee1
  15. unfortunately our nursing profession has been imbued with the practice of intimidation, harassment (constructive criticism as some want to call it in some cases), and a hostile working environment stemming from threats that it might just as well take an act of congress to change this practice.