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Tired of working weekends


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Ok I knew this will get to me sooner or later. I work part-time in LTC which requires QO weekend. Even though I have two weekends off it seems like NEVER enough. I'm 21 and weekends are still very much important to me. I love the experience that I'm getting in LTC but I'm considering doing a more 9-5 job like community health nursing or school nursing I may take the job if enough hours are avail. and go PRN at LTC.

I feel like so a selfish nurse for not wanting to give up my weekends. IDK. I'm also just grateful for having a job so for now I must do what I have to do.

Do anyone else feel this way ?

PostOpPrincess, BSN, RN

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If not working weekends is a priority for you, and you don't mind doing office work--look into insurance companies, or teaching...

I work every weekend because I do the weekend alt position.

I can certainly understand your concern. You are still young, your social life is important to you, and mainly most of the social events happens on the weekends. I spent YEARS working 9-5 with every weekend off, so I'm in a different place than you are. I have a teenager and I need to be off during the week to be very active in his life. I still have Fridays off, and I can still have somewhat of a social life, but it's not as nearly important to me as being a mother.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have your weekends off. Don't feel guilty about it. You have to do what's best for you and your life.

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, RN

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I don't think less of you for wanting weekends off--if anything, I admire the fact that you're aware you're not going to get such a thing in most hospitals or acute care settings and that you'll have to look elsewhere for them. Good for you!

Now I must go and get ready for work ;)

NurseLoveJoy88, ASN, RN

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My ultimate goal is to work in LD so I know I'll have to work weekends ! But LD is my true nursing passion. Even when I was on my mother/baby rotation in nursing school on valentines day and weekends it didn't phase me a bit. Maybe I'm just tired of LTC.... and being there on the weekend just really sucks. OR maybe its the shift I work 3-11pm.


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I stupidly spent 17 years working nights (I didn't really mind that) and every other weekend with just vague thoughts of how can I ever get out of this!!!

I finally started looking around and got a job in out patient surgery. I was kind of annoyed with myself, and envious of co-workers, who had worked a few months in jobs with weekends, nights, etc., thought to themselves "I don't like these shifts," looked for something better and found it.

There is a lot out there, ask around, apply, take classes, get training, etc.


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I personally think 3-11 would ruin your social life. Not only do you have to work E/O weekend, you don't have any weeknights to plan anything either (when the rest of the world is off.) So, you have a double whammy there IMO.

Many, many, many nurses aren't willing to sacrifice their weekends for their life. Usually they make less money unless they are in middle to upper management (that is a big generalization, but more or less true.) I don't really see it as being a problem if you are ok with it. You know what your priorities are. If you are at work and mad that you're there, that doesn't benefit anyone, even if you get a bigger paycheck in the end.

canesdukegirl, BSN, RN

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Oh honey, you are NOT being selfish by not wanting to work weekends! You value your social life. That is not selfish-it is HEALTHY! I agree with the PP who states that a 3-11 shift would not help your time off when you want to plan things with friends. Seek a day job, you will be much happier!

Forever Sunshine, ASN, RN

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Working 3-11 has really shot my social life to its death.

My residents have better social lives than I do, Seriously!

I am in the same boat you are, I love my weekends off. I actually don't mind working every other weekend. As long as I don't work EVERY weekend(which I did this summer, someone else is doing the schedule now so the weekend issue is very fair). I know how you feel I did not have 1 Saturday or Sunday off this summer. I was ******. I missed family things, going out with friends. I spent $65 on NY's empire pass which lets you get into the beach for free.. I only got to go 3 times.

Its the holidays that I feel down about. I hope I get some of the winter holidays off. I am going to volunteer to work New years eve and Day because my family does nothing on those days. Hopefully I will get Christmas and Thanksgiving off. I'll even volunteer to work Christmas Eve. I am a new nurse too so I probably won't get luck of the draw. Its nice to try though.


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Before I went back to school for my RN I work 2-10 and every other weekend. I loved it because I didn't have to get up early. So even if I worked til 10 I could go out afterwards and not have to worry about only getting a couple hours of sleep. And I always either had Friday or Saturday. But in Buffalo the bars and clubs are open until 4 am so getting out at 10 wasn't a big deal.


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I'm single and my kids are grown and gone. Working every wknd puts a huge crimp in my social life. Its ok while I'm in nursing school but once school is over I'll be looking for different job with better hours. I sure wouldn't mind working every other weekend. Sigh

Otessa, BSN, RN

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ok i knew this will get to me sooner or later. i work part-time in ltc which requires qo weekend. even though i have two weekends off it seems like never enough. i'm 21 and weekends are still very much important to me. i love the experience that i'm getting in ltc but i'm considering doing a more 9-5 job like community health nursing or school nursing i may take the job if enough hours are avail. and go prn at ltc.

i feel like so a selfish nurse for not wanting to give up my weekends. idk. i'm also just grateful for having a job so for now i must do what i have to do.

do anyone else feel this way ?

just have to say, no matter your age, weekends are important-just the reasons for their importance changes.



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I could have written this. I work 3-11 and every other weekend..it is very hard to maintain a social life on this schedule. When my friends get off work, I am just starting my shift. They get drinks, go to the movies, gather at the hot tub, etc. while I am at work, and go to bed as I am getting home. :( I think what may help you and me is to get in a routine that makes use of our mornings and afternoons. I'm trying to incorporate working out and catching lunch with friends when possible.


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I went from hospital nursing to public health nursing in large part so that I could get my weekends back. I definitely don't think this is selfish -- there's nothing wrong with choosing a job with hours that work for you!