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I am just curious how long it took you from graduation as a new grad until you had a job offer. I am asking specifically for those of us who were not offered a job or a job was not available during our preceptorship. I had an amazing preceptorship BUT there weren't any positions available at the time. I know this can take months. Thanks for the feedback.

My school did not have "preceptorship". All of us except 2 out of 20 had jobs upon graduation.

My school did not have "preceptorship". All of us except 2 out of 20 had jobs upon graduation.

Wow that's amazing.

2 weeks after graduation. It really depends where you live and how the job market is

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Everyone I graduated with had jobs secured prior to graduation. Highly respected BSN program in the Northeast but 11 years ago. I had my job offer ~2 months before graduation.

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3 weeks after graduation. :)

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Most of my friends that graduated in May with their ADN now have a job here in August. They had job offers to work at davita back in July just after they passed nclex but declined to continue their searches until now. So really, it depends on how picky you're wanting to be.

Eta: We didn't have a "preceptorship" at my school and most of my class had a job lined up before graduating.

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I applied for oodles of positions before graduation and was rejected for all but one, who called me in for an interview ten days before pinning. They asked me to call them when I took the NCLEX, which was about five weeks after graduation. Called them on a Monday, was offered the position that Friday, but didn't start for another five weeks.

So from pinning to my first day of orientation was thirteen grueling and impoverished weeks.

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