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HIPAAPotamus has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Inpatient Psychiatry.

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  1. HIPAAPotamus

    Nursing Prioritization! Help!

    Yeah, I'd see the 55 yo with chest pain s/p cardiac cath.
  2. HIPAAPotamus

    Baby nurse doo doo doo doo....

    "I don't mean to be rude" = I'm about to be rude. Have you not heard the "Baby Shark" song? It's a joke. And it was a clever one.
  3. HIPAAPotamus

    state licencing exam

    Uworld is your best friend.
  4. HIPAAPotamus

    Nurse abuse

    I worked on a few standard one-liners that I can get out, even when I'm positively livid. "I understand that you are upset, but it is not OK to speak to me that way." "I'm sorry you're hurting, let's see what we can do to fix it." "I don't know the answer, but let me try to find someone who does." If a patient is absolutely out of control, you need to leave the room. You are not a doormat. You also do not deserve to be harassed in any way.
  5. HIPAAPotamus

    Are nurses and doctors equal?

    I think each has a value and importance. Saying one is more important than the other, or one is a subordinate, minimizes the idea that all members of the health care team are working towards a common goal: the treatment of the patient.
  6. HIPAAPotamus

    Reserves for new nurse/prior enlisted

    The Army Nurse Corps Reserves requires one year of experience.
  7. HIPAAPotamus

    time from graduation to job offer

    I applied for oodles of positions before graduation and was rejected for all but one, who called me in for an interview ten days before pinning. They asked me to call them when I took the NCLEX, which was about five weeks after graduation. Called them on a Monday, was offered the position that Friday, but didn't start for another five weeks. So from pinning to my first day of orientation was thirteen grueling and impoverished weeks.
  8. HIPAAPotamus

    Rethinking My Choice To Be A Nurse

    Speaking as a newly minted RN who also has bipolar disorder (though in a less acute stage than yours), from one quirky lady to another.. ..This is not the time to go into an epically high-stress major, like nursing. I say "this is not the time", because there may be a time. It's not when you're in such a crisis state that you can't manage the early stages and nod off in class. I so deeply understand the desire to make your mother proud, to prove that your worth her financial sacrifice. But ask yourself this: would she be happier having a daughter who is present, functional, and recognizes her own need to survive? Or does she put however much she spent on those two classes over her daughter's mental health? (Don't answer that, I think it's obvious that I meant the former) You're in a critical stage of a need for self-preservation. You have a long life ahead of you, and this is the time that you need to focus on managing your mental health to ensure that you'll be ready. Give yourself a semester. Two, if you need. But know that you can't push through and fix this biochemistry. And that your mother and boyfriend would rather you functional and healthy.
  9. HIPAAPotamus

    AN Scholarship

    Darn it, came here to say this! $50 for single word/phrase sentences: "blood pressure range"
  10. HIPAAPotamus

    I know it's hard. But is it really that hard?

    I have a master's degree in music. I studied my tail off for that degree, and sacrificed a lot of time and energy for it. I just finished an ASN at a local community college, and I'll tell you what: it was much more difficult than completing my music degree. It's not just the amount of knowledge, it's that exam questions are not about what you know: they want to know how you would prioritize and implement care.
  11. HIPAAPotamus

    Last Clinical Rotation :)

    Same here - final final tomorrow, pinning on Monday, and then about a month's worth of sleep! Congratulations to the Class of 2018!
  12. HIPAAPotamus

    Does my nursing diagnosis make sense?

    That's a super long nursing dx. Assuming she had a pedal pulse before surgery, I'd go with something like "ineffective tissue perfusion r/t post-operative complication AEB absent pedal pulses on affected side" or something. Also, if this is an actual case in a hospital, I sure hope someone contacted the HCP ASAP.
  13. HIPAAPotamus

    What do you eat for breakfast?

    I too hate breakfast, but have to force myself to eat before clinicals. I'm also using My Fitness Pal to drop some weight, and it yells at me if I don't eat breakfast. I generally pre-boil a bunch of eggs, and have small, handy things I can grab (an apple, a granola bar, etc). If I'm feeling really luxurious with time, I pour a bowl of cottage cheese and watch a little TV. My clinical starts at 0645, so I find that I'm peckish by 1030. I usually pack a protein bar to get me through that phase.
  14. HIPAAPotamus

    associate level diploma

    In my neighborhood, ASN nurses can be hired with a contract stipulating that you'll complete your BSN (or higher) within 3-5 years. Follow up with your local hospitals.
  15. I give off a perception of confidence and complete assurance in what I'm doing, but the first time I spiked a bag, my hands were shaking. The first time I gave lovenox, I had sweaty palms. Sometimes "fake it 'til you make it" is the best advice.
  16. HIPAAPotamus

    Lousy Professor or lousy student?

    And you're getting too much attention for intentionally inflammatory responses. Bye felicia!