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Serhilda is a ADN, RN and specializes in Cardiac telemetry.

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  1. Serhilda

    ADN unable to find job in Houston Hospitals

    St Luke's and Huntsville memorial aren't magnet. They may say BSN preferred but I've known tons of ADN nurses that've been hired there. Methodist recently had sign on bonuses for ADN nurses with experience for their night shift med surg positions, so long as they were enrolled in a BSN program or something. If you're really desperate, I'd recommend applying to Huntsville. They're pretty much always hiring.
  2. Serhilda

    Preceptor is SO BAD!

    In before COBs eat the OP alive. But seriously, I'd just try to take the initiative more often. Switching will almost certainly come back to bite you.
  3. Serhilda

    New-ish nurse dilemma

    That depends on what's making this hospital "crappy." Are we talking John Hopkins versus your local community hospital or something? If so, no one cares. It's a no brainer decision for me to work on a floor I prefer with a schedule that works for me.
  4. I've never had an issue getting my requested days off approved for school and we're routinely short staffed. There's a significant bedside nurse shortage here though so if my priorities aren't their priorities, it's understood I'll go elsewhere where it is. So whether or not your expectations are realistic depends on your job market there, in my opinion.
  5. Serhilda

    Failed drug screen before ever utilizing license

    "I don't understand why I was reported if I was not technically a practicing nurse at the time of the test or even any time before." Because you're exhibiting signs of abusing cocaine and marijuana. That should be obvious. As a nurse now, you should be well aware that puts you at risk of diversion, using again in between shifts, or even before work. Many nurses have abused drugs and felt their situation was "different" and made the abuse more acceptable. Regardless, it impairs your judgement and patients deserve better. Be open to the monitoring program and what it could potentially teach you.
  6. Serhilda

    Rejected by Patient

    I usually say good riddance and call it a day. I won't be changing up my entire routine because of one person nor will I lose a wink of sleep over it.
  7. Serhilda

    Drug Seeking Patients

    I take a completely different approach and go home with my conscience in tact. If they want a drug dealer, they can return to the street where they were buying their meth/heroin/crack. While they're here, any contraindication will be utilized to avoid administering unnecessary narcotics. Not just for them, but for me. Figuring out how to avoid being sucked into becoming someone's drug dealer took me about a year. I go into these situations well aware they'll throw an adult temper tantrum when I explain their contraindications then security may be called. I'll have avoided doing anything unsafe while also avoiding manipulation. Win win. You can stick to your guns without any intention of "curing" their lifestyles. It's certainly made me feel a lot better.
  8. Serhilda

    Male Nurse Disgusted by Female Nurses

    I'm so happy to be out of a male dominated environment. I don't miss the misogyny one bit. Thanks for the reminder!
  9. I couldn't care less about displaying credentials. All patients see is an alphabet soup, and coworkers won't care. Achieve what you will for yourself, but there's no point in being a show off.
  10. $29.95 base pay. $4.40 night shift differential. $1.50 weekend differential. Our pay is supposed to increase in January too to keep up with the surrounding hospitals. 1 year of experience in cardiac tele north of Houston, Texas.
  11. Serhilda

    Active Shooting Event: How Should Nurses Respond?

    When we had a mass shooter enter our hospital, most of our employees didn't take it seriously when it was announced. They assumed it was a drill. Others hid behind locked doors while the shooter hid in our chapel. Personally, I'd be running out of there in a heartbeat, license and "patient abandonment" claims be damned. He was apprehended before anyone was injured, but in the time it took police to get there, he could've shot dozens on our first floor. I'm not going into hero mode. I'm saving my own behind. Nurses have enough unrealistic expectations put upon them, I'm not sacrificing my life too.
  12. Serhilda

    I failed my patient today- Student Nurse

    This was quite a melodramatic post due to nystatin cream. I mean, you're freaking out over antifungal powder... We're all more careful with medications that actually hold potential for harm, such as levophed, IV amiodarone, even blood transfusions. What next, will you obsess over Boudreau's butt paste? You have to learn to shrug things off. You didn't need to advocate for your patient to not receive some powder because it just doesn't matter. Good lord.
  13. Serhilda

    Charge nurse hears me but doesn't listen

    I wouldn't work somewhere that required me to have the approval of the charge nurse before calling a doctor. If she turns down a necessary page, the BON doesn't care if you told your charge. The physician was "deprived of the opportunity to respond" and that would be on you.
  14. Serhilda

    Giving Tylenol to patient with elevated alt/ast

    Not a big deal. I wouldn't report it as there's nothing report worthy that occurred. This was a learning experience so I'd just move on.
  15. Serhilda

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    Collectively get smarter and sort out your own problems then.
  16. I absolutely would not disclose. If you'd been hospitalized and were unstable, then yes, but neither apply to you. I've had doctors speculate about myself, but my "insomnia" turned out to be nocturnal seizures and my high energy is just a result of being very type A and caffeinated. Misdiagnoses happen. I wouldn't be concerned.