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Serhilda is a ADN, RN and specializes in Cardiac Telemetry, ICU.

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  1. Absolutely NOT. The recidivism rate is extremely high for pedophiles and a profession such as nursing wouldn't be tolerant of that.
  2. Serhilda

    Med error..... Could I lose my license?

    Just move on. I know some Florence Nightingales will roll in to encourage you to snitch on yourself but literally nothing good will come of it. It'll only make you look suspicious that you waited 2 weeks to come forward.
  3. Serhilda

    Frequent Flyers

    I was a "frequent flyer" in elementary school and there was certainly more going on. I went without help for years because of nurses with this attitude. Sometimes these kids have absolutely no idea how to ask for help, no matter what the issue is. So...
  4. Reusing N95's is unfortunately still occurring around the country although from what I've heard, using them for multiple weeks at a time is less common now. I haven't heard of units staffing tele floors quite that poorly but likely, California (like ...
  5. Serhilda

    ICU Residency ; How I got let go.

    Telling someone they shouldn't have even bothered to become a nurse is grossly inappropriate. I'm sorry that happened. A lot of times, the unit's culture can be a big influencing factor on a person's success during orientation. It drives the expectat...
  6. Serhilda

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    I'm sure we've all heard this before, but why not go ahead and define power in this sense. Who and what does it look like, specifically, and how is this something exclusive for white people?
  7. Serhilda

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    Shove it all in the breakroom, problem solved. When leftist opinions aren't allowed to be front and center in any aspect of life though, outcry ensues. Mind you, I'm saying this as someone who typically votes democrat but I can't help acknowledging t...
  8. Serhilda

    My one chance at MICU

    I'm assuming you're in an accelerated BSN program with a previous bachelor's degree? If so, yes I would take this position for the reasons stated above. It's incredibly difficult for new graduates to find a job right now and many that did land jobs, ...
  9. Serhilda

    Trump Goes Maskless

    If he makes any action now to suggest the pandemic is as serious as it's been portrayed, how could he explain his repeated dismissal of warnings and signs of impending disaster for months? He can't. What would he say? Whoopsies, there goes the econom...
  10. Serhilda

    Co worker

    Men are typically seen as more competent solely for being male, hence why it's relevant to his incompetence being ignored/unnoticed.
  11. Serhilda

    Failed nursing school(technically)

    I have no advice regarding your appeal, but I will say her response to your stethoscope breaking was awful. I wish it surprised me though. Back when I was in nursing school, we had this new professor. She'd never worked in a hospital setting yet felt...
  12. Serhilda

    mediation with BON..What should I expect?

    Dear God why haven't you hired a lawyer! There are plenty of posts here on allnurses describing what websites are helpful in navigating the BON, especially with how to obtain a lawyer. Please take a look through those and start contacting lawyers ASA...
  13. Serhilda

    Orientation As A Semi-Experienced Nurse is Aggravating

    My orientation drove me crazy. I was coming in with experience and made that clear, but this one preceptor refused to let me even so much as start an IV without hovering. While I tried explaining how important I felt it was to allow me some autonomy,...
  14. Serhilda

    New Grad Nurse Unlicensed but Want to Help in NY

    No offense, but your help isn't direly needed like you seem to believe it is. There isn't a shortage of nurses, nor is it total chaos as it's been portrayed in the media. Where there has been chaos, it's been in a select few ICUs. The fact of the mat...
  15. Serhilda

    What is your "favorite" procedure?

    Wound care! Give me all the worst wounds. Stage 4 pressure ulcers, maggots in dead tissue, doesn't matter to me. The more extreme, the more satisfying it is to fix people up.