Time is getting close...

Nursing Students NCLEX


On Oct 7th which is only 2 days away I am going to be writing my NCLEX exam. I feel really confident that I will pass this time. Praying every day was what kept me going. Wish me luck!

Good Luck to everyone else who is writing in the month of October.


Thanks Everyone! I am feeling good about this.

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Make sure you relax today! Even visit the site if you can...it made me more relaxed to know exactly where the room was and what it looked like before my exam.

Thanks for the advice. I am trying to do the things I normally do each day. So far I am relaxed. I will keep praying!

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best wishes, i will be testing in a few days also, its good that you are relaxed, i started to feel that way about a week ago

Good Luck to you too. It is a nice feeling after so long.

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