This can help reduce your NCLEX anxiety


I hope this simple technique can help all of you. I am so sorry that the NCLEX has become such a point of anxiety after working so hard to get through the trials of nursing school.

Please try this technique. It is taught on by a nurse named Aila. EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.

She is the best instructor ever. It only takes 10 minutes to learn and free of charge.


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Thanks for the tip.


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Awesome!!! I will definitely try this...hope it helps in some old emotional issues, aside from the NCLEX. Hehe.

Thanks for posting!


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Thanks will check out . I failed 3 times need help, but not giving up.

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Dear cowgirl,

So sorry to hear about the NCLEX trouble. Please get what ever assistance you need to get past it. I have met a few who gave up and I was very sorry for them and felt it was such a waste of potential.


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Like many, I am freaking out about taking the NCLEX. I'm having trouble sleeping, and I find myself waking up in the middle of the night thinking about NCLEX questions I had read earlier. In the day time when I try to study, I have trouble focusing - probably due to lack of sleep and extreme ANXIETY. I'm going to try this tapping method to reduce my anxiety and see if it'll help calm me down so that I can AT LEAST focus on studying. Let's hope it works!!


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Reducing anxiety is an important part of taking the NCLEX. I was having so much anxiety, but the day before my test i watched some of my favorite shows, took a long hot bath, and went to sleep. I think it helped. :)


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I feel that breathing and doing my yoga exercises is the best method to reduce my stress. I feel like a millions bucks after.


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Thanks for the tip. I will definitely check it out. I will be taking the NCLEX in April.


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anxiety can make you forget everything that you studied and waste all your time during the exam. i was so nervous when i went to take my exam that all that went through my head was "i can't fail this".... and ended up failing it. but i will not give up. i will just study harder. and take a different approach.

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