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I tried's relaxing...thanks for sharing the tip...hope my anxiety depletes as I use this tapping method


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Guys! I hate myself! I cant consentrate on my review. I am so depressed. I feel like im useless. I took the rn exam last October 2008 and i did not passed. Its so hard to put back the pieces. I took Kaplan twice and now I am taking HUrst review. I still dont know how will I study because I have a lot of things in my mind...My husband lost his job, i have two kids (2 yrs. and 1 yr. old). And the I worked 3 nights a week plus my job is a hell. I feel that my position is useless. I am a nurse associate and all I do is clean up patients. I feel worthless in this job.

I wanted to pass the NCLEX but everytime I start to review, my mind goes blank...! I hate myself! If I have a spare time all I can do is watching the TV or just lay in my bed or browsing the internet. I dont know how to stand up again... I had a nervous breakdown before, and I cant study... I feel so embarassed and humiliated by the NCLEX. I dont know what to do. I dont whats wrong with me.... All I ever wanted is to pass the exam... I'm planning to take the exam next month but I dont know how to begin with. I wanna finish the hurst review, the 5th cd... but its so hard for me to get on reviewing. NCLEX makes my life and my family miserable!

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