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  1. momofstudent

    Domestic abuse on rise as economy sinks

    I too believe that abuse is on the rise in the USA because of the economic crisis. Not until I became an expat 6 years ago was I able to see the US culture for what it has become. Essentially a nation of spoiled children who expect everything to fall in their hands. Native born and immigrant populations alike seem unable to cope with lesser material and services expectation. At the same time there are people around the world who live in conditions so dismal that Americans should be grateful for what they have. We need to focus on the one true thing, love for each other and graditude for our families. As nurses we have a responsibility to help others understand that life is not about things, it is about each other. Families need to find charitable or public resources to pick up where smaller paychecks leave them short. Americans have a devil of a time letting go of their pride, hubris.
  2. momofstudent

    I GIVE UP~

    please try another school. you had bad luck where you went.
  3. momofstudent

    May 2009 Graduates!!! Do you have a job yet?

    Look, I know most of you are very good and have great resumes etc. But do sit down and do a serious self examination. Do you really interview well? Those doing the hiring have tons of experience with hiring and they can be pretty discerning. I agree with older nurses and instructors who say they have seen tough job markets before. Why? Because we have had many tough job markets. Just because there are people in recent years past who were offered 10 NG positions with lots of benefits plus flowers doesn't mean you should ever have expected the same reception. so, do that self exam, take a look around and do what you have to do. I commuted 100 miles for my first job. I found a room in Portland during my work week. Heck, after 6 months I was hired in my home town. There were 30 unemployed nurses from my graduating class out of 50 graduates sitting in their little home town waiting for something to open up. I made the sacrifice in 1974 and was working before most others and many had much better grades, better work experience during nursing school. Good luck, if you want it it will come. BUT, you have to do your part!
  4. I just went to read this for a second time. I feel those nurses who sit around making comparison statements need to get back to work. I don't even know these schools but I am sure there are good, excellent and mediocre nurses from each.
  5. Yes, I second that too. The best doctor I ever had was a nurse practioner!!
  6. Hey, Chancie honey, first of all anyone who says they hate kids has a very deep problem. People who talk like that have had some terrible childhood trauma. Maybe mentally ill parents, sexual abuse etc. So just feel their pain and move on. Do your best. Forgive me if this next part hurts you but I need to be frank. Maybe you are trying to type quickly but your spelling and grammar leaves a bit to be desired. 35 years ago students who had trouble like this were not allowed to continue in school. You will write exams and eventually you will be required to make entries on charts. Others will judge you to be incompetent based on your writing skills. If your entry is representative, please get some extra help or tutoring. You sound like you will make a good nurse, don't allow a lack of communication skills hold you back.
  7. momofstudent

    Advice on Correctional Nursing

    With 30 years of nursing experience in different fields, I have to say that corrections was one of my favorite places to work. I believe the clinic work is safer than walking most US streets. Remember you have trained corrections officers everywhere. I think the most important thing to remember about this field is that you are first of all a nurse and last of all a nurse. You are not a corrections officer, a judge or police officer. You are there to deliver healthcare alone. Your clients are human beings just like any human being in a hospital or on the street. Treat them as so, just as you would treat your brother. "There but for fortune go you or I" I must also add that you will see things you have never seen before and you will learn to be strong or you will need to leave for another environment. Some of the people you will meet people never learned to care for their bodies, some will have long term untreated disease and untreated injuries. Some people will come from jail wards of county hospitals recovering from gun shot wounds, sometimes inflicted by a family member. Guards and inmates do not regularly wash their hands for lack of facilities or ignorance. And yes, you will see inmate on inmate violence and guard on inmate violence or threats that make your hair stand up.
  8. momofstudent

    Nursing shortage: 1 in 5 quits within first year, study says

    New grads please take note of these stories, there is one thing in common: the units they worked in offered no support. Don`t be desperate, take your time for the right placement in an area where you want to work. Don`t laugh, everyone of you should be preparing for your first job early in nursing school. Work as a CNA, GNA, volunteer anything to start meeting people and networking. That is the only way you will get a job worth having when you are through with school.
  9. Why do you think you need to accept an offer on the spot? every job site expects potential employees to take their time to make a decision?
  10. momofstudent

    Humiliation and embarassment after NCLEX failure

    Like everyone says, rest for a while, don't give yourself a bad time, you were just one of those 15%ers. Use EFT for emotional control and dedicate yourself to a study plan. My 2 closest friends failed. We were the 3 musketeers. It made me feel like a fraud and like I did something or treated them badly. Survivors guilt all the way.
  11. momofstudent

    Job woes in the SF Bay Area... why is it like this?

    Look, I don't think this thread was intended to be political.
  12. momofstudent

    US RN's what is your opinion on Foreign trained RN's

    I have worked with excellent Canadian and British nurses. They are not all from India or the Philapines. In general I feel all foreign-born and trained nurses are more pleasant and harder workers than US trained. If they have training deficits, they eventually catch up, the language improves and I really feel they are much sweeter than the average American woman. I must say I was shocked to see that people feel they are negatively affecting the job prospects of US citizens. Where were all you nurses when they decided to bring in foreign nurses anyway. Working in silicon valley riding the wave of the computer industry? Oh, and BTW I was born in California.
  13. momofstudent

    Where would your least favorite area to work be?

    whoa that is quite the story and self examination. Sounds like you need therapy to recover from MOM. I feel that the best psych people have some real issues in their lives and they have little ability to look inward. Sorry, I think I will catch it for that comment. I worked in juvenile detention for several years and I found I liked the challenge of teenagers. I never had a moment of trouble with any of them and some are seriously ill. I just told them I was a nurse there to help them and I was not a judge or police officer. Some had committed serious crimes such as sexual abuse but I was able to separate the charge from the teenager and act as a kind professional nurse.
  14. momofstudent

    Its Just not fair! Good Nurse getting fired (probably)

    In my experience, when things strt to go badly like this it is very hard to recover self confidence under close watch. I agree with nearly everyone, go find another job that offers proper precepting. You can find a place with kind people too.
  15. Advice should depend on her particular circumstances. She may need to begin at the community college level for remedial work and then prenursing. She might want to stay at that school for an ADN. If she has the academic preparation and the financial resources a traditional program at a university may be the place for her. She needs to talk to many people first.
  16. momofstudent

    Job woes in the SF Bay Area... why is it like this?

    Well, it sounds as if your life is at least somewhat portable. So that is good. So, if you can leave go find the perfect job for you. The one that leaves you excited to go to work each day, the hospital that will pay for your BSN or masters . . . . I use to live in CA, I was born there. Sometimes it is hard for people to conceptualize anything but the coastal areas of the US but there are some wonderful places in the US far more beautiful than CA. Don't write off places like Cinncinatti or Chicago or DC area, as much as I dislike Texas I feel there are some great places to work there. My goodness, just yesterday I was reading about a rural midwife program in West Virginia that I thought sounded like a real life. My daughter will begin an ABSN this year and I think she will be facing the same market as you are facing now. I advise her just as I advise you, build the best career possible and a happy satisfying life follows. Nursing school was one tough nut to crack for all of us but it made us better human beings, stronger in every way. I think you will agree with me, relocation is far easier than nursing school.