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I have had enough of looking for nursing positions where I may wish to broaden my horizons and the ads say:

"Palm trees and cold beer in every room"

"All our patients are very unique and very socialble

and they and their family will join you over a keg"

"Nursing here is very different because of our

assembly line technology"

"We have robots on every floor to clean and

and the quality of work they provide makes aseptic

technique obsolete"

"We offer snap-on self-starting IV's"

"We have GROUP WONDER SESSIONS to keep all

the patients cheery 24-7"

"We have a computer system that is so innovative

that charting is no longer needed...just talk to the

computer and its visual verification of the

procedure automatically charts it"

But almost nowhere are there any specifics of pay and benefits, the lone exception being CRNAs. Don't you feel railroaded by this? It is advertised in most other professions. At least a hint like "To 75K". I think if pay is to be increased in this profession, we need to turn the tables a little and let them bid against each other for our skills...not us against each other. Anyone agree with me on this? And sign on bonuses don't mean that much if the pay was low to begin with...kinda like buying a car with a rebate. Doesn't this issue rattle any cages out there?



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Yeah, it aggravates me too. So if I am interested in the job or the area, I call up the personnel dept and ask what the hourly wage for highest paid bedside RN is. If they won't tell me I thank them kindly and scratch them off the list. Gary


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You forgot the "pizza parties, balloons, and candy when you work overtime and understaffed for months on end to show our thanks."


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What is really iirritating is the fact that they don't realize that any intellegent person would recognize the failure to mention the most important fact. It is almost like they are telling you that they think you are stupid.

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Howdy yall

from deep in the heat of texas

I called one that offered Golf and strippers. Notice which one I put first in line. the golf.

dioo wah ditty

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palm trees and beer.....did I miss something!

sharann, BSN, RN

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I like the ones that say "picture yourself here". There is always a beautiful background and a tanned "nurse" wearing a bikini or carrying a surfboard. What they should say is "Picture yourself here" with a photo of a nurse with messy hair, crossing their legs(full bladder) and a starved (missed lunch) look on their face.


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sharann, I know that look. And I don't want to work with those perfect looking blonde, skinny, tanned nurses in the ads. Maybe they should change their ad person to a man. Big money would be nice, but all I really want is not to be short staffed every day.


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You are all right. The ads always give the gleaming outlook like a Star Trek voyage, "Where no man has gone before!"

I am tired of being insulted by these ads...and I'm not looking for a job, but I think it's keen to keep up with the market. But it seems like if one hospital were to advertise their compensation, others would have to follow suit. Over a period of time I think there would be an incremental change for the better.

What's the matter with "palm trees and beer"? I can't think of a more holistic setting (tisk, tisk)

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Why don't they just put some $$$ in the want-ads??

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Howdy yall

from deep in the heat of texas

What perfect looking blonde, skinny and tanned nurse. Got my interest now. Maybe even more that golf though I doubt that,

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It's as though they think that, since nurses are NOT SUPPOSED TO CARE ABOUT MONEY, they're addressing those little things that will make it extra pleasant. This is a disingenuous way for them to pay nurses a compliment, as though mentioning money would make it tacky or something. Oh, please.

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