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  1. KarafromPhilly

    Hiring Freeze in Detroit Area?

    Have applied for advertised openings in critical care at four major systems in the Detroit area--in one case, got a call from Human Resources THREE HOURS after submitting an online application! But since then, nothing. Are hospitals posting positions but only hiring in-house? Anybody know? I also work with an agency and I'm waiting for a phone interview from a fifth system that posted an available contract--what gives? It's not like I have any strikes against me re: nursing license, pending criminal investigations, etc. and I have plenty of experience. Maybe I'm just impatient?
  2. KarafromPhilly

    Nurses and vaccines

    Just so you know, the NVIC website is run by a crank named Barbara Loe Fisher who has been in the anti-vaccination business for years. I would double check on a reputable website if you want information about which states allow which kinds of exemptions to be sure you're getting accurate information.
  3. KarafromPhilly

    Fighting mandate regarding flu vaccines

    I think it would be helpful for some of the nurses who are objecting to vaccination to go back and review the basic principles of epidemiology.
  4. KarafromPhilly

    Stupid Allergies

    Allergic to oral Dilaudid, but not the IV form. Or, allergic to 2mg IV Dilaudid but not allergic to 4mg dose of IV Dilaudid.
  5. KarafromPhilly

    Pt./Family Comments that Leave You Speechless

    I would have said, "Oh, do you have a family member who's a nurse?":saint:
  6. For a few, select patients: Guess what? We know what the hell we're talking about when we tell you what to do to stay out of the hospital, and we know you don't do any of it. Don't even have the nerve to act surprised that you're back in the ICU, again, because nobody who knows you is the least bit surprised. We're tired of you. Aren't you tired of us?
  7. KarafromPhilly

    Dangerous nurse?

    I second the above posters, but I would add that sometimes we perceive attitudes on the part of others that aren't there. Are you sure that doc was being condescending to you, or maybe his unpleasantness came from his inability to persuade the family to go for comfort care before that, or something else. Some doctors don't communicate very well, so unless they pull you aside and say something like "You should have called me right away when you noted a change in mental status." or whatever, I wouldn't worry about it. You did everything that could have been done.
  8. To the family that won't leave their poor mother alone to rest and rotate in and out of her room hour after hour, all day long-- For God's sake, let your mother get some rest. The quality of the care I give will not be improved by you sitting there and GLARING at me all day. Yes, I do know what I'm doing. As a matter of fact, I KNOW HOW TO DO MY JOB BETTER THAN YOU KNOW HOW TO DO MY JOB. No, I'm not just going to let your mom die, unattended, without doing anything, because we are not of the same ethnicity. If you can do better, take her home. Otherwise, get out of my way and stop asking the same stupid questions over and over again. And pass that on to your brothers and sisters while you're at it.
  9. KarafromPhilly

    Bipolar does not mean "druggie"

    In my experience, it's not just pain issues, but other things too. I can't count the number of times I've heard, "(S)he has a psych history." with a roll of the eyes, as if that explains everything from persistent vomiting to anxiety/concern before a major procedure.
  10. KarafromPhilly

    Rules for the ER (long)

    "I need 4 of morphine and 25 of Benadryl. I will ask for the same in one hour." You may ask for whatever you like in one hour, dork. Good luck to you.
  11. KarafromPhilly

    ER Pet Peeves

    . psych patients, I HATE THEM!!!! I am a firm beleiver that if someone is suicidal they wouldnt be in the ER telling you that they are suicidal. Most of them are attention seeking and take beds that are needed for medical patients. (sorry if I offend) Sinical ER nurses, oh, um wait, that would be me... :) You do offend.
  12. KarafromPhilly

    a dosage question

    As I understand the question, you have one bottle that has 500mg of drug, and you need to add 10 ml of diluent. In the real world, if you have to add 10 ml of diluent to a bottle, it would state that the concentration of the drug, when properly reconstituted, would be 500 mg/10 ml. Trick question?
  13. KarafromPhilly

    Cost of illegal immigration on one Florida hospital

    I can't help but think that people who get so upset about, for example, a few undocumented immigrants who require very costly care that pushes small hopsitals into insolvency are missing the bigger picture. Why, in one of the richest countries in the world, are SO MANY of our hospitals operating on the brink of insolvency in the first place? Hospitals are a very basic part of the infrastructure of any civilized nation, and we're operating like a Third World country in this respect. A few people who can't pay for things like organ transplants are a symptom of a much larger problem.
  14. KarafromPhilly

    After 15 years - I may be one more nurse to add to the shortage

    The way I see it, the problem is that those who know what's really going on are--or feel--powerless, and those with power have no idea. I have an idea--what if every licensed nurse in the country received a letter asking them to explain in a letter to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, or the chair of the appropriate Congressional committee, or some other person deemed appropriate, WHY there is a nursing shortage in this country, or WHY they have a current license but DON'T work at the bedside any longer? If we could get five percent of licensed nurses to respond, that's something like 110,000 letters, with each telling a nurse's personal story. Personally, I would volunteer to send a letter to every RN in the state of Michigan. Is this a good idea, or no? Anybody?
  15. KarafromPhilly

    Universal Healthcare

    I'm wondering--with all this reiteration of the idea of a free market, how EXACTLY does anyone stand to make a profit off of people who are both very ill and completely broke? I have the feeling that if anyone could come up with a specific answer to this question that somebody would already be out there doing it, KWIM?
  16. KarafromPhilly

    Question about Phenergan and tachycardia SE...

    Just btw, Phenergan is known for lengthening the QT segment--even with moderate tachycardia I would probably check their QTc to be safe.