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  1. midwestRN

    Texas hospitals

    Recently got a paper with 3 different Texas hospitals offering "winter contracts" $39/hr, $500/month housing, completion bonus for 6 month contract. Anyone every tried one of these. Are there any hidden disadvantages? Sounds good, but I know there is always a catch.
  2. midwestRN

    Subject: Did You Know.....

    Laughed out LOUD. Family wants to know what I'm doing. Said I was just thinking about pigs.
  3. midwestRN

    Nurse Recruiting Practices

    After you apply at our hospital, there is a typical 3 month wait until you are hired. They check out everything and by the time they are ready, the RN has another job. Current employees are considered for open positions before outsiders. The nurses are offered a "recruiting" fee if a RN they found is hired ($1000.00). I can't imagine why you are getting the cold shoulder. You mentioned negotiating. Maybe that is something new they haven't had to contend with before and would end up costing the hospital mo money. You know how much they hate that.
  4. midwestRN

    Money, money, money

    i got my check today and had $1.25 per hour raise out of the blue. "an adjustment to conform with other hospitals wages" finally had something good to say and couldn't pass up sharing the news!!
  5. midwestRN

    Question about HIPPA regs...

    Sorry, I don't know the answer, but doesn't it just make you tired trying to comply with the government.
  6. midwestRN

    Assingment under protest

    I have never seen this form. Wouldn't mind having it handy though. I agree that it is better to lose your job than your license. It's hard to stand up to management, but if something goes wrong, they are going to believe management over 1 nurse unless there is documentation. I'm glad I read this post. I think I'll change my colors and find this form.
  7. midwestRN

    Question about EKG's and Rhythms

    See if you can enroll in your local hospitals Basic Arrhythmia class. Our's is only 1 day and non-employees can go for a small fee.
  8. midwestRN

    Why cant we all just get along?

    I avoid close friendships at work. I never keep my mouth shut because I'm afraid someone won't like me. It's irrelevant whether my coworkers like me personally, although I do want to be respected professionally. I try to always be friendly, but do not seek out to "make friends".
  9. midwestRN

    RNs steal hospitals thunder

    Inspiring!! What a gutsy, wonderful bunch of nurses. I wish we could thank them personally.
  10. midwestRN

    More Thoughts on burnout & unsafe staffing

    My dream came alive. I was overworked, overstressed working in an understaffed ER. Managed to stay for 3 years. Finally gave up and went to ICU. Only 3 pts at a time, and they can't bring anyone extra and stick them in the hallway. I still have bad days, but it is so much better. I am not "wiped-out" the next day after work. Downside is I am getting attached to my pts and think about them at home. Never did that in ER.
  11. midwestRN

    Bad Brakes

    Love it. HA AH HA AH!!!
  12. midwestRN

    Does anyone ever just want to quit???

    The faster you graduate, the faster you can make RN wages. It's for you and your kids. Hang in there.
  13. midwestRN

    Another night in Hooterville....<sigh>

    I'm sorry you had to go through that night. Reminds me to always watch my own family if they are in the hospital. In my opinion, your supervisor should have stood up and took action, and called whoever it is that is above her unless the pt had discussed dialysis and other options with the Dr and decided against it. If that was the case, all who take care of him should be notified.
  14. I always reported missed lunches, and we clock out so if we leave late, it is automatically recorded.
  15. midwestRN

    personal vs. professional

    When I read this question, I thought in another direction. We once had a IDDM, ESRD, bilat amputee, elderly, confused (normal for pt), with bed sores the size of pie plates, that we coded for 45 min. and got back to live out more painful days. I have a moral problem with this. But we did "everything we could" for the pt.
  16. midwestRN

    need some help and opinions

    Hang in there. You'll never forget her, but the memory will get less painful over time. After something unexpected happens, I still can't shake it for a while, but I talk to my co-workers that were involved in their care. Just remember that she needed you and you were there for her. Tomorrow, someone else will need you, and you'll be there for them, too.