The waiting game..


I had a job interview last Thursday so now I am playing the waiting game. :down: They said they would be making a decision by the end of this week, if not by early next week. I want this position SO bad.

Anyone else playing? How long? Just needed something to get my mind off my phone. I heard it ring the other day and I was suddenly tachycardic!


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I'm right there with you...I'm so nervous and keep questioning my answers during the interview. I really really want this postion!! It's killing me!!!

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Oops I posted this twice! Someone already replied to the other one so let's use that one :)

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In the same position! Had an interview yesterday, and they said they would make a decision by next Tuesday. I'm not very patient. The suspense is killing me


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I'm in the same boat too! I want this job soooo much! AAAAH! Pick me! Pick me!!!

Good luck to all of you!!

I am playing 2 waiting games at the same time right now. I had to postpone my BScN studies, because I had my son 5 months ago, and so I had to reapply since I was a first year student. Now I am waiting from a good school (got accepted to a mediocre one in the meantime).

The second game I am playing is to get a contract until September in my previous career. Had 4 interviews with the same place so far (I hate it when they do it), now waiting to hear back from them...

Good luck in your waiting game! :)

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Am playing as well. Had interview Tuesday, went great with NM and the peer interview. Praying for the paperwork goes through fast.

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About prayer: A sweet neighbor with breast cancer once told me, "Prayer is the mainest thing." She was from Tennessee. :) And it turned out to be true.

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It has been a week today! I really hope I hear something tomorrow, I would hate to have to go the weekend. Also, I was told to call them if I haven't heard anything by early next week and it can't be good news if I have to do that!

Good luck everyone. Has anyone heard anything yet?


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I'm hoping tomorrow as well...but I'm not sure!! I'm trying to plan to leave for the weekend so I don't have to think about it if I don't hear....or if I could be a celebratory trip....or one to take my mind off my depression.


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Well as an update: I called the nurse recruiter several times yesterday and today, even left a message. No one is getting back to me. Thought the floor I interviewed on may be able to give me a hint, nope! They aren't allowed to give any information regarding positions, it needs to come from nurse recruitment. She gave me the phone number and e-mail, both of which I already had. I sent an e-mail, hopefully she returns that. Doubtful.

What I don't understand is why do hospitals think it is okay to just let you wait. Okay, I know I didn't get the position, a quick phone call or e-mail to confirm it would be nice. I would have been moving 450 miles to take the job, an answer is crucial! Don't even get me started on the money I wasted to get down there for the interview!

I am sorry I am whining but I am so upset. I wanted this so bad and I am just having a hard time accepting I need to put applications out again. If I even have the energy to do so. This same thing (without the distance) happened when I first graduated and I am just so over it :sniff: I know, positive thoughts and all that. They just make the letdown that much harder.