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The aggravation of it all


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Jules A, MSN

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Publishers change editions and instructors are required to use the new editions, whether they want to use them or not, whether they Re significantly different or not. Publishers won't sell old editions to bookstores when the new ones hit the shelves.

As for the ISBN numbers, instructors can give them to you if the bookstores won't, assuming the instructors have their copies.

Two of the schools I went to actually posted it in the syllabus with the book requirements. Loved that!


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I rented all my textbooks besides my med/surg books, which I purchased.

You can get Amazon Student service which is essentially Amazon prime which gives you free shipping both ways.

Any school that doesn't provide you an ISBN before a course starts is screamin' shady to me. Is it accredited?

Actually it is a good school & accredited; very good nursing program with an excellent reputation & great instructors. I felt very prepared going onto an acute care floor as a new grad. NCLEX pass rate of 95-100% for several yrs. Only one student in my class didn't pass after multiple tries & she was the one who was believed to have cheated but no hard proof.

I think the bookstore is an entity unto itself, lol.

windsurfer8, BSN

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Can you find anyone else to blame for your situation? You are an adult and your finances are your responsibility. If you are embarresed to ask your parents for money I have a solution.. GET A JOB.