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  1. kariace

    The aggravation of it all

    I am more than grateful. It may not seem like it, but I'm very ecstatic. It was just at the time when I wrote this post that my frustration had gotten the better of me and I just needed to vent.
  2. kariace

    The aggravation of it all

    I wish I could still work. I actually cannot work since I was in a car accident and received a Tibial Plateau Fracture. It's just about heal since I get my cast off this Thursday and will be going to a Physical Therapist.
  3. kariace

    The aggravation of it all

    So... I have been struggling trying to pay for my college books for the past 5 weeks because my professors are so darn picky on keeping up to date on the "latest edition". My books costs me about $663 in total. So instead of me paying $100 for all 6 of my books online, I have to break my pockets because of some newest illustrations and a caption or two 😠. I had to beg my parents and relatives for money (I even asked my 11 year sister for some of her allowance money). It was pretty embarrassing, considering me and my parents barely get along and I asked relatives who I haven't spoken in years, plus a little girl who loves all the change she can get. But guess what? Today (just now), I felt like checking my fafsa award letter to just to see how much I may be getting back as a refund check and lo and behold it said I have a 1,000 book scholarship. I didn't even know my fafsa was updated, or where that scholarship even came from. Yes, I did apply for that scholarship back in like March, but I was never notified by the scholarship representatives or my school, telling me that I had recieved it. Like how long have I even had that? Imagine my frustration at the fact that I went through all this embarrassment and shame for nothing. More so at my school for not telling me that they changed my award letter and did not notified me about it or the scholarship. I'm not as angry as I was before I started venting on this post. So that's a plus. But still...
  4. kariace

    Residency program vs Rehab job

    Wow this is a tough decision... I personally would choose the hospital job because as you've stated above it will help you build your job skills (if you planning on working in acute care when you move.) Also why is the pay so low? Is it because it's cheap to live in Massachusetts? Where I live at new grades are started of at $28 or more in a residency program with $25 being the lowest... Also if you do choose the hospital job for the 8 months I would also work SNF PRN for the last months before you move to get that 1 year of experience..
  5. kariace

    hesi your best grade

    Are you studying well? Meaning are you retaining the information you're studying? Are you giving yourself up to an hour (or more) daily to study? Ask yourself certain questions and then see where the problem lays.
  6. kariace

    Just when I thought I had it figured out

    Resurrection University offers daytime, weekends and evening classes... Plus, my friend got accepted into this program and she didn't have all of her perquisites completed or in progress and that's because it depends on which schedule you choose. However, you still need to get a decent score on the Teas V...
  7. You're right! My guidance counselor even told me about this as well and she said that other people tend to flock more to the cheaper schools for the reasonable tuition and then that makes the school become highly competitive. While the other expensive schools will have available seats open.
  8. Yes, but I did not know transferring into a nursing program could be this difficult. I honestly thought it would just be like applying to any regural nursing program. But I'm also pretty sure the school would pick their own students before they even acknowledge me. And this is not even a competitive university to get into for transfer students, it's just the nursing program.
  9. So I just got an email back from one of the nursing programs I planned on applying to: I'm actually really glad that I emailed the school first since I was going to pay that $65 bucks for the application fee. Well now back to the drawing board...
  10. kariace

    So how does this work?

    Oh, and the programs I'm applying to are three direct entry programs on a rolling basis. So I just need to submit one application to the university and I'd know in 2-3 weeks if I got accepted into the nursing programs. I like this option better instead of having to go two years in a university and not knowing if your going to get in the nursing program your junior year or not. So technically I would have a 50/50 chance because it's less competitive.
  11. kariace

    So how does this work?

    Wow, I wish I would have read your post sooner before I just emailed my future schools. I probably won't get an email back since I made it sound so confusing by technically asking, "how am I to get X,Y, and Z if X is Y, and I only have Z?". Lol I made it sound exactly like that and now I want to resend out a second email...
  12. kariace

    New Grad Residency Programs

    I know what you mean. All the new grad residency programs where I live are all BSN required with no prior RN work experience. So I do feel like individuals with an ADN are not given much to work with in terms of being successful.
  13. kariace

    So how does this work?

    I thought about emailing the school but I don't really know how to make sense of it or explain it to them without confusing them. It was hard enough trying explain myself in this post lol.
  14. kariace

    So how does this work?

    Theoretically, could I apply to a college or direct entry nursing program (university) at the end of one fall semester with only 15 credits but then later obtain the rest of the credits (30) at the end of the next spring semester? Because I'm looking at the school's nursing admission requirements and it says that you have to have at least 24 credits to transfer into the nursing program, but the deadline is February 15, 2016 to apply and I would still be attending another university for my Gen Ed courses up until May. Is it like high school where you could apply to a college 6 months to a year in advance before you graduate then later provide the official transcript?
  15. kariace

    C in Anatomy.. uh oh.

    Give A&P 2 a shot first and if you pass it with an A then I definitely wouldn't retake A&P 1. If you get no less then a B then that is still good too (it shows improvement from a C), just also keep your grade up in Chem 102 with no lab to keep the odds in your favor. However, retaking A&P1 increases your chances of getting an A or B since the knowledge has already been drilled in your head and you'd be able to recall it better ( you would also have the old graded work you could look through and review for a test).
  16. I also agree.