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1 semester down, 3 to go!!! Midwifery... here I come!!

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  1. AspiringNurseMW

    Male Nurse Disgusted by Female Nurses

    Isn't he doing in this post EXACTLY what he is complaining about. Except instead of crying in a bathroom he is venting to strangers on social media. Why isn't he out there trying to unite the nurses on his unit to bring change? This post reeks of hypocrisy and patriarchy, ugh.
  2. AspiringNurseMW

    Getting pregnant during last semester or during new job?

    The old school "make sure you get married first" annoys me. But I know that's because I've been in a committed unmarried relationship for 10 years. A ring wouldn't make our commitment any stronger. Anyway, to OP: I would wait until after nursing school because as other's have mentioned, ish happens. My first two pregnancies were low risk and uncomplicated, so now I live in fear of my 3rd throwing me for a loop. I am going to make sure I am graduated with a license and make sure that I will be eligible for leave even if I do go early. I am in a diploma program now so I will likely use my time on leave to finish up my online RN to BSN if its not yet completed.
  3. AspiringNurseMW

    I'm Back!

    It's been well over a year since I have been active in AN! I've been in the shadow the last 2 months but I finally signed in to say hi. Long story short, my brother got into some wonderful legal trouble that required my financial help which was shortly followed by my husband losing his job. So I withdrew from nursing school with just under a year to graduating...... I was SO depressed for a few weeks, I didn't expect for it to hit me that hard, especially because my initial reason for going to nursing school was to be a CNM, nursing school was just a step I was required to take. I didn't want to go back to my ADN program, with the scheduling uncertainty being my main issue. So I applied an got accepted into a Diploma program. There are more actual hours I have to be in school, but 95% of the time, lecture, lab, and clinicals are done by 3 pm, the entire program. And a nice bonus is that the school and hospital got bought out by the same hospital system that is present where I live, so basically a guaranteed job (plus there is a true shortage over here). So I'm back. It hurts to start all over, and frankly I'm bored as $#;! this semester, but I didn't want to fall behind with their policies and procedures of the school and hospital and felt a refresher couldn't hurt. JUNE 2019 here I come!
  4. AspiringNurseMW

    WILT 11/5: No Fast Track for YOU...

    11 days to my birthday 29 days until the last day of class 34 days until my final Thats literally my mantra every day right now. School is not particularly hard, I just learned that I am *over it* right now. I'm so ready to be done with this semester. I learned that my Psych teacher likes to relate disorders to TV shows. And subsequently that Grey's Anatomy has had ALOT of psych disorders on their show at one point or another. I learned that I will likely start interviewing for jobs in January. I'm giddy and terrified. I'm still waiting to learn where our rotation will be for the final semester. I'll most likely end up at the hospital closest to my house. Which is a blessing because it's literally 10 minutes away. It's s a regular med-surg floor, I've been there before, and I can't deny that I really wanted to put PCU as my 1st choice, but alas I needed to take my family and our finances into consideration, especially since that means saving 40 minutes of driving every clinical shift for the whole semester. On the upside, it's also one of the places I'm considering working so having done more clinicals there can't hurt.
  5. AspiringNurseMW

    So is there really a nursing shortage?

    So what I am saying is that the shortages are a) regional-- think places where people don't want to live and b) for experienced nurses in most places
  6. AspiringNurseMW

    So is there really a nursing shortage?

    Same where I live. I was doing clinicals on a tele unit earlier this semester and the floor manager told us that the hospital system officially declared itself as having a nursing shortage. She said that after hiring new grads this past spring, they STILL had positions open. Same hospital just opened up new grad interviews Yes, we don't graduate until June and they are already looking to hire us. Another hospital came to campus last week trying to recruit. And there hire new grads straight into specialties like ICU, ER, L&D. My friend in a CNA at the hospital, and they offer bonuses for EXTRA shifts. So not just overtime, but for working ANY shifts you are not scheduled. For CNA's, working an extra 16 hours in a pay period gives them a bonus of about $600. She's PRN and rolling in it right now.
  7. AspiringNurseMW

    WILTW 10/29: Trauma for breakfast

    I've realized just how much I miss the app. . I used to be on AN pretty much every day, but now if I check in once a month that feels like alot. Using the website feels so cumbersome now. After spending the prior 7 weeks doing cardiac med-surg in school, I feel like someone slammed on the breaks for Psych. So for the past 2 weeks I've been dragging to class, unable to pay attention throughout the whole thing (4 hour lecture). BUT! Friday, my clinical instructor and our group was going over the schedule for the rest of the semester, and I realized that its about to be over! Only one more full clinical day (we will have rotations at a chemical dependency setting, a hospice simulation, and a school for children with autism and behavioral issues). 3 more days of lecture, and 5 more days of lab. And then I embark on my last semester of nursing school!! I cannot believe it! I am even more in shock that I just submitted an application for new grad interview yesterday. Where did time go?
  8. AspiringNurseMW

    New Grad Negotiations

    Thanks! I didn't know when was the best time to ask. When filling out an application, one of them actually had a spot for desired salary that was mandatory. I had no clue what to put in there so I just used a number that I have heard previous new grads say they get offered in the area.
  9. AspiringNurseMW

    New Grad Negotiations

    I was hoping to hear if this was at all possible because most of the posts when other new grads ask all say, no don't ask and just be grateful you have a job. What is wrong to coming to a forum filled with thousands of nurses who have already experienced this and ask for feedback and opinions. That is somewhat the whole point of this website no?
  10. AspiringNurseMW

    New Grad Negotiations

    Now before everyone jumps down my throat let me explain. I currently live somewhere where there actually IS a nursing shortage. It's October, and the hospitals are already starting recruitment efforts for those of us that graduate in May. Unexpectedly, I already have 2 different opportunities to apply for new grad positions, which I am going to assume means interviews in the next couple of months. One of the hospitals I will be applying to serves a majority Hispanic population with very little Hispanic nurses and I am Fluent in Spanish and am working on taking a formal Medical Spanish course. So given this situation, is there still no room for negotiating, even if I end up with multiple offers?
  11. AspiringNurseMW

    Highest Paid NP for 2015, According to AANP, Are NNPs

    I am disappointed, and yet somehow not surprised to see that Women's Health pays the least. I wonder why. And I wonder if CNM's are included in that umbrella.
  12. AspiringNurseMW

    What I wish my nursing students knew...

    This is great! This sounds like each and every nursing instructor at my ADN program. They all have, 20+ years of experience and each and every one of them works at least PRN on top of that and stay abreast of what they teach. They are amazing, patient, and obviously invested. Half of them are graduates from our very program. One of them spoke about retiring last week, and I can't imagine what the school would do without her or ANY of our instructors. Thank you for all you do.
  13. AspiringNurseMW


    If you were late to clinicals the instructor reserves the right to dismiss you for the day (either 6 or 12) hours . We are only allowed to miss 12 hours of clinicals. After that you have to pay to make up those hours. However, you can't miss more than those, because you are then dismissed from the program.
  14. AspiringNurseMW

    Thank You to the Nurses that Teach from the Heart

    I am currently in my 2nd semester of nursing school and I am absolutely 100% grateful that the overwhelming majority of my co-assigned nurses have been great! During LTC I probably spent more time with the aides, but whenever I did interact with the nurses I never felt brushed off despite them being crazy busy. I mustered up the courage to ask one of the LPN's to follow her during med pass, and she very willingly explained to me her process for getting med passes done in time and even gave my 1st subQ this way. In my first med-surg rotation I remember one particular co-assigned nurse, that after caring for my patient, had me follow her for the rest of my clinical day, giving meds and doing dressing changes alongside her. Another nurse exposed walked me through discharging a patient. During OB one nurse was PHENOMENAL and explained her rationales for most everything she did, and when my patient got an epidural so did the anesthesiologist! I don't expect my co-assigned nurse to be my teacher for the day, because its not her job, but when they take it upon themselves to show us students the ropes, and the how and why they do things, I am always so grateful!!!
  15. AspiringNurseMW

    What have you learned in nursing school that was utter nonsense?

    Gosh, I'm about to finish my first year in nursing school and I already forgot about those washcloth mitts from the 1st 2 weeks of class. Lol I have yet to make a bed in clinicals as dutifully as we had to for skills. Except maybe one time in long term care. For the patient to decide to go right back to bed after breakfast.
  16. I guess I will be one of those mind boggling people when it's time! I already know where I want to attend for my CNM. It's a school with deep heritage and very well known for midwifery. And you have to find your own preceptor. They have a list of previously used preceptor and will assist you with finding one if you have having issues. But it's where I want to go so I will deal with it. It is however, one of THE most affordable options for midwifery as well, so I feel like it balances it out. I will end up paying almost half compared to some other CNM programs. So the previous posters are right, people keep buying their services, so they have no incentive to change. I'm sure as heck not changing where my money is going based just on preceptorship process. Sorry for contributing to the problem!