this is my 8th time taking this exam andi am on chp 25 using the saunders 4th edition


i need encouragement .i am still on the 1st tip in suzannes plan this is the 8th time of me doing this nclex rn exam


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i need encouragement .i am still on the 1st tip in suzannes plan this is the 8th time of me doing this nclex rn exam

wow! Well dont feel bad, I took the test once and failed, 12 years ago so I decided to take it again and again if need be just have faith never give up God bless u!:redbeathe


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how strong you are!!! you are doing the best thing by not giving up and staying positive about the nclex. i will be testing for my 4th time this october. i am now working on suzanne's plan, and i strongly suggest you continue with that also. you have made it this far!

it may seem discouraging, but you are not alone. you can do this and you will succeed. focus on studying questions and read and re-read the rationales to every question whether you get them wrong or right. study content, not just test taking strategies. best wishes to you. :)


p.s. remember this is just a test.

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I hope you'll make it this time, keep staying positive, keep smiling... Just focus and devote time studying, focus on every content and give time on your areas of weakness.. Wish you all the best in achieving your RN license


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Just keep up the POSITIVE energy. I am going to keep you in my prayers. The good thing is, you are a real fighter and since you want to be a nurse, then you will be. This is the last time for this test, because the next time you take it, your results are going to say PASSED.


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i truly know how you feel!!!! i will be taking the test for the 7th and pray that it is the last time!!! i have tried everything i can... i have really bad anxiety and adhd!! i finally got back on my meds so i pray i can focus this time and be an rn....but i want give up till i success!!! good luck!!!! i will be praying for you and everyone else taking the test!!!

we can and will do this!!!!!:rckn::rckn::rckn::rckn::rckn:


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How many times are you allowed to take it? Is there a cut off?


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I am in Louisiana and we are only able to take it 4 times. The only review recommended here is the Hurst review. They have interesting ways to make you remember things that seemed so complicated. I also used the Saunders 4th edition for the practice questions. Don't give up! You can do it!! Remember those affirmations from Mental Health!


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I am right thre with I have not passed the test 5 times, I took some time off but I am ready to get back at it. i just found this web site last night and am so very glad, I already feel support. I believe that you can do it, and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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I also took NCLEX-RN twice and failed. I am with Vermont State and this is their policy:

If you have taken and failed the NCLEX exam one time:

Please complete this form and return it to our Office with a $30.00 fee.

If you have taken and failed the NCLEX exam two times:

You must complete a formal NCLEX review course. Please submit the curriculum plan (published

description of the course), your certificate of completion and a final overall score for the course

along with the retake application and $30.00 fee.

If you have taken and failed the NCLEX exam three times or more:

Please contact the Vermont Board of Nursing Office for information.

I am very hopeful that this is my last exam. POSITIVE THINKING! :up:


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I too failed on my 1st try. I made the mistake of going in the afternoon with a group from school. As not everyone will pass/fail with the same amount of questions, and everyone answers questions at a different rate of time...I paniced when 1 by 1 those I knew were done.

The 2nd time I went by myself, took a pack of Bubble Yum and chomped my way to a 75/PASS.

Now after 11 Years out of school and 5 away from find myself needing to once again take the test. If you have not done so before try Suzanne's NCLEX REVIEW.



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you can do it

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