What will you do.....

  1. before schools starts in the fall? I'm going to London at the end of next month with the bf and his family! I'm super excited!!! Anyone else doing anything fun?
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Class during Summer I, then a trip to Cooperstown, NY in July for the National Baseball Hall of Fame inductions.
  4. by   AggieQT
    I am actually getting married before classes start in the Fall. I figured if I didnt do it before nursing school, then I would have to wait until AFTER nursing school because there was no way I would have time to plan one!

    We are getting married on the beach in Mexico July 22! I can't wait!!!!
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I'm taking classes during the mini 'Maymester', summer I, and summer II at my local community college. It will be a total of 12 credit hours worth of classes completed during the summer session.

    Oh, the joys of higher learning!
  6. by   Kiya
    I have school all year round.. but.. have a 2 week break coming up soon so I'm going to visit venues, interview vendors, secure my wedding date on base and open a new long term care community.
    Yay for vacation!!

    What are everyone elses plans?
  7. by   moncj66
    Im doing the exact same thing as the commuter, school, school, and more school. When will it end.....
  8. by   RNMeg
    I'm spending a week in July on the beach in Rocky Point, Mexico with my boyfriend..SO EXCITED.
  9. by   sbyramRN
    I leave for Belize on Saturday. I will be there for a week then I will start my summer clinicals two days after I get back.
  10. by   iHeartNICU
    Going down to mustang island in about 2 weeks w/ some friends who I haven't seen barely since nursing school began. Also doing an externship in the NICU.
  11. by   BrieRN07
    Doing an externship in Postpartum/Newborn Nursery!
  12. by   RocketsSON
    Going to Mexico and chill before i bust my butt!
  13. by   Heloisea3
    I'm going with yall to London and Mexico! Do all of you have large suitcases that I could fit into?

    Actually, hubby and I are going to take a few road trips, but we're eenie-meenie-minie-moing about where we want to go. One trip will definitely be to South Padre because our dogs adore the beach. For the other trip, I'm thinking Yellowstone, but my hubby is thinking Colorado Springs or Virginia. hmmm Too many choices! We're still pondering. I'm sure we will decide the day before we go. That is usually what we do.

    I will spend the rest of the summer reading, goofing around, reviewing some medical terminology and dimensional analysis before school starts in August. However, I mainly want to have fun and rest because I know that there will be no time for any of that once I begin nursing school.

    I hope all of you have a great and very safe summer!!!
  14. by   loly24
    :spin: I will be working full time and maybe taking a trip to Dominican Republic w/ my family and hubby. I want to really enjoy this summer because coming Fall I will start nursing school!