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  1. sbyramRN

    LVN pay at Houston hospitals

    I don't know of any hospitals that still hire LVN's
  2. sbyramRN

    Memorial Hermann is planning on unpaid GN intersnship

    Please name the profession....they might work for free while still in school, but they DO NOT work for free after obtaining a degree. Nurses obtain a LICENSE. Why would they work for free? I think Memorial Hermann is insulting. I would never work for them. They aren't even that great....why would they think a nurse would want to work there for free??
  3. sbyramRN

    new grad needs suggestions

    I was hired out of nursing school into a pediatric ER. If you want Peds, then go for peds. Adult med surg and pedi are two totally different things.
  4. sbyramRN

    Attn: New Cy Fair Nursing Students

    no, no more left. The girl that took them took them all.
  5. sbyramRN

    Texas Children's Houston

    No, Friday is not considered the weekend in shift diff. What unit will you be working on?
  6. sbyramRN

    Texas Children's Houston

    Also, TCH is ranked as the best employer in Houston. It is an excellent company to work for.
  7. sbyramRN

    Texas Children's Houston

    yep. that's right. But you only have to work two weekend days a month. If you commit to the weekender program (you work every friday, saturday sunday) your diff is much much more.
  8. sbyramRN

    Starting Pay in El Paso, TX

    Austin pays less, because everyone wants to live in Austin. No one willingly lives in El Paso...I was born and raised there, and couldn't wait to leave!
  9. sbyramRN

    Nursing market becoming oversaturated?

    There seems to be plenty of jobs in Houston.
  10. sbyramRN

    Texas ADN pay

    I work in Houston in the Medical Center, and ADN's and BSN's make the same.
  11. sbyramRN

    ACC Nursing Drop Out Rate

    I think it is that way at most nursing schools. We started out with 50 and graduated 12 of the original 50.
  12. sbyramRN

    New Grad question

    we were told when we were hired that you had to work the 3p-3a shift for a year before you could request a shift change. Depending on what shift you wanted to change to, it could take another 2 months to a year or more to get moved.
  13. sbyramRN

    PCA work for a BSN grad?

    what do you mean by "people like me"?
  14. sbyramRN

    where are the most new grad opportunities?

    21 dollars an hour is VERY low. Not sure about the comment of the nurses being young. I work in a major hospital in the Medical center, and I will say on average, the average age of a GN on my unit (ER) is about 35. Not too young. I think the market in Houston is probably the best, but they do have a lot to chose from with all the local nursing schools. Good luck.
  15. sbyramRN

    Feasible to get Thanksgiving and Christmas off as new RN?

    It's feasible. I worked the day after Thanksgiving. My employer gave me off Christmas Eve and Day and New Years Eve. I work New Years day.
  16. sbyramRN

    Job you would NEVER do in nursing....

    I work in a level 1 pediatric ER, and couldn't imagine working on anyone over the age of 20. So, I would never work with adults or a medsurg floor in peds.