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  1. If there is an organization that can achieve the possibility of unity I'm all for it. But guess what... you don't think the TNA and ANA started out with these same intentions? Betcha they did. If another nurses organization is created it will end up just like all the others throughout the country which makes the whole concept pointless. The nursing field is a catch 22. We complain about patient ratios and working conditions, then we turn around and complain about the BNE wanting to restrict our hours and overtime. Would you rather have advocates for or against the bedside nurse? Personally, I think it would be nice to have the 'backup' and clout against the BNE or employer if there was an issue rather than have it be little ole me and be easily replaced.
  2. Kiya

    best hospital to work for in Washington state

    My husband is active duty military and we will be relocating to the Whidbey Island area sometime in October. Does anyone know of any good hospitals, facilities or home health agencies that accept LVN/LPN's in this area? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! :)
  3. I agree with you but unfortunately that hasn't happened yet. The reason I am suggesting unionship is because as I stated before they are more familiar with the techicalities of the state and federal laws (that's their job) and can more easily manipulate those laws (and loopholes) to better serve bedside nurses. We all know there is a line between bedside nursing and 'paper' nursing. Most professional organizations cater to 'paper' nursing, agree or disagree? Personally, I would love to see a professional organization be able to do what we need them to do. And I'm sure most professional organizations started out with that very same intention but evolved to serve corporate and managerial ideologies. It's about politics and business not what's best for the nurses.
  4. What good is an association if it cannot protect you from legalities of federal and state laws? Some unions have that ability. What good is an association if it cannot get you better wages and working conditions? Unions can do that. What exactly is it that bedside nurses want most?
  5. This is just my personal assessment but unless there is union representation with a board of directors made up of bedside RNs, LVNs, CNAs (nurses majority vs. union majority) to oversee the union progress to 'our' standards OR there is another association created for the bedside nurse, there will be no progress for Texas nurses. In this state (and I can say this since I am not from here and have lived in many others) bureaucracy will run rampant until 'WE' decide to do something about it.
  6. Kiya

    dallas nursing institute

    I agree with you on most of your points. I attend Concorde Career Institute simply because I need a 'fast-track' school since I have been on waiting lists for several nursing programs around the country (we're a military family) for approximately 10 years now and have worked in the nursing field for 12 years. Private nursing schools are a business which supposedly specialize in 'education'. I will be the first one to tell you even though I am attending one, DON'T DO IT!!!!!! These programs are not for everyone, and at $22,500 for a 9-12 month program, it's worth it to some and not to others. For me personally, I decided to do it since I'm not sure how much longer my husband and I will be in Texas. Good luck.
  7. Kiya

    i need help from pipol in houston!

    Sorry to sound realistic Lexie, but spelling is a virtue in the field of medicine and nursing. Perhaps you should continue on in community college and take an english or creative writing class? TazziRN, I speak frequently on the internet and via text messaging and there is no problem with completing words and sentences. And I'm not that old. :)
  8. What source is this list on?
  9. Kiya

    ? home study Rn courses

    what changes?
  10. Kiya

    Nursing in TX - Like it? Do we have any govt. support?

    With all due respect, the BNE reserves the right to protect the patients not the nurses that serve it. The laws in Texas serve the employers of the patients that the BNE protects, not the nurses that serve under it. Our industry is well regulated but it also has flaws just as any other. With nurses individually being held more and more liable for their actions (aka medical malpractice lawsuits) which is also reflected with the cost of personal malpractice insurance rates increasing rapidly. Bottom line is as our industry continues to grow and expand nurses will need to have more protection for themselves and their profession.
  11. Kiya

    Nursing in TX - Like it? Do we have any govt. support?

    Would nurses be more successful and more protected if Texas allowed a nurses union with a governing board (like a board of directors) filled specifically with elective seats via nurses only? Understandably, there needs to be people who are experienced with the way unions work with the law in order to have a successful union, but if the "board" consisted of union reps, LVN's, RN's, and advocates for the CNA's.. would it work? Could it work? Would we want it to work? Open floor for discussion. :)
  12. Kiya

    San Angelo

    Whereabouts in west Texas are you from?
  13. Kiya

    Nursing in TX - Like it? Do we have any govt. support?

    I don't know much about unions even though I come from a hardcore blue collar UAW state and I remember my parents were apart of unions when I was a kid but I never paid attention.
  14. Kiya

    Nursing in TX - Like it? Do we have any govt. support?

    Thanks for posting that Commuter, very informative! Now the question remains.... Is it better to unionize or not to unionize?
  15. Kiya

    Nursing in TX - Like it? Do we have any govt. support?

    Is there a site for "right to work" states or nurse friendly states besides Cali?
  16. Kiya

    What will you do.....

    I have school all year round.. but.. have a 2 week break coming up soon so I'm going to visit venues, interview vendors, secure my wedding date on base and open a new long term care community. :) Yay for vacation!! :monkeydance: What are everyone elses plans?