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Is anyone out there applying to TWU for the Spring of 2010? Just thought that I would start a group for all of us hopefuls so we could share information and have a way to communicate with each... Read More

  1. by   ali523
    i just received this email from someone else. she seems to be more concerned, which i am very thankful for!

    Good afternoon,

    As far as I am aware the admission/denial letters are still going to be mailed on November 15th. If I hear anything different before then I will email/call you and let you know. I am forwarding your email to the student affairs office so that they are aware of the other nursing schools deadlines.

    Thank you,
  2. by   kweb
    Dallas acceptees (and all other acceptees, of course!): Congratulations! I know I'm excited and even more, I'm relieved...
    I would definitely love to meet some of you guys, so if you do end up getting together, let me know!
  3. by   elizabelle
    Dallas folks - Let's get together for happy hour somewhere this Friday. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a location?
  4. by   kweb
    What areas are we all coming from? I'm in Lakewood, but I could really go anywhere.
  5. by   elizabelle
    I figure the best way to pick a location is to stick to somewhere nearby school. What's around there? I meant to find something with yelp on my phone when I was at Patho Monday, but I forgot. Maybe something around NW Hwy & 35? There's a bunch of restaurants around there.
  6. by   elizabelle
    Oh - and I am coming from Lewisville.
  7. by   kweb
    Honestly, I have no idea what restaurants are over there. Anything is fine with me.
  8. by   elizabelle
    OK - by school is a place called the Mardi Gras Cafe - I called them and they have cheap happy hour specials, and a large outdoor patio. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous all week.
    My only other suggestion is Humperdink's on NW Hwy. It is about 7 miles north of school. They also have a patio.

    I have never been to either of these places, tho, so I can't recommend from personal experience. I am good with either one. Anybody have a preference?
  9. by   ivetter
    Hey guys!! i just registered on this forum but wanted to say congratulations to everyone!!! I got admitted as well and am looking forward to meeting everyone. I agree that we should meet somewhere by the school. Just keep me updated when and what time??
  10. by   ivetter
    Ok nevermind...I live in Houston lol!
  11. by   ivetter
    Who's going to the Houston campus?!?!
  12. by   kweb
    Elizabelle, thanks for looking all that up! Between those two, I'd say Humperdink's, if they have a good patio. There's also a J. Pepe's around there, whose other location I've been to liked well enough. If the day is pretty enough, it probably won't even matter where we are!
  13. by   ali523
    Quote from ivetter
    Who's going to the Houston campus?!?!

    i was accepted to the Houston campus, but I am hoping to hear back from UTHSC soon