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  1. Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion that perhaps we can do to "improve channels of communication between the Texas Board and outside world?" What a nightmare! Current license in other states and in process of getting my license via endorsement here. Interviewed and accepted a position in mid-april....my start date was/is set for May 17th. The problem: Could not send in my application, etc until the fingerprint cards arrived from the Board. Reqested this packet in April and as of Monday still was NOT here.

    I was to the point of TOTAL FRUSTRATION DUE TO NOT BEING ABLE TO EVER GET THRU TO BOARD VIA THE PHONE NO. THEY LIST. No e-mail links are given to access anybody there....So what's a person to do? I DECIDED TO GO TO THE BOARD...(only 6 hours from here) Was able to get fingerprint cards and in the end handed them in everything with my application. Here's the good part----I told the receptionist I'd like to speak to supervisor or person in charge....He looks at me like --Why....Told him I had some concerns and would just like to speak with supervisor about them. He told me if it was about the Phone system...EVERYBODY ALREADY KNOWS THIS....Ends up the supervisor was in a meeting...So I ask to speak to a person who processed the claims....You'd have thought I ask to move the Capitol! We went back and fourth and He was determined I was not speaking to anyone....and I was determined that i was! Luckily for me a lady (one of the processor's) happened to walk out of her office --- so i was able to speak with her briefly. Personally, do not think i was asking to much to actually speak to someone who worked on the applications after driving a total of 12 hours---and over 700 miles! Oh, I did find out the person who mails the fingerprint packets was out on vacation some last week and was out this week.....It will be interesting to see When or IF that darn packet ever comes.

    Now they say it can take up to 10 working days to process and mail out my temporary permit. Wish I felt more optimistic about receiving it sometime in the near future....but nothing would surprise me at this point. What an adventure this is turning out to be!
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  3. by   ginger1023
    :angryfire THE BOARD IS ALMOST UNREACHABLE....and I believe those board members are actually voted in by their peers....I replied to you already so I make it SHORT ..all you NURSES out there maybe we can find a way to approach the TEXAS board ...to find a way to make them more accessable to the rest of the world...
  4. by   zenman
    Write the Governor and cc the BON. I had hell years ago when I moved to Texas...and I was born there.
  5. by   nurseunderwater
    I just came through my own personal hell with the BON in Austin.... I have PTSD from the whole thing and am not really ready to discuss the details yet. :angryfire I feel you man.
  6. by   ginger1023
    its sad ...I still think a state Board should be more accesable to the public...
  7. by   mattsmom81
    Oh they are VERY accessible to the general public...its only the nurses who get the runaround....LOL! They are definitely not there for nurses are they.

    I had no trouble 20 yrs ago when I moved to Texas but I hear things have changed a lot, but the volume of complaints I read on this BB, the fingerprinting, etc now required.
  8. by   elkpark
    ....and I believe those board members are actually voted in by their peers....
    Actually (unless this changed VERY recently), the only state in the union in which the nurses elect the members of the BON is North Carolina (we are v. proud of that here in NC). Everywhere else, the members are appointed by the state Governor and/or legislature.
  9. by   ginger1023
    :imbar ...up in canada we can vote who is on the board so I assumed its the same down here in Texas...thanks for correcting me....
    I learned something new ....
  10. by   nekhismom
    OH, I have started quite a few "I hate the BNE" threads here myself!!! I had a NIGHTMARE of a time with them myself. They still owe me a refund and some receipts for my $$, which they have never sent. I don't think I'll ever get it.

    I, too, have PTSD from the Tx BNE. I think we should start a support thread for those of us with Texas BNE PTSD!!!

  11. by   ginger1023
    It seems the board forgot whom they represent or whom they should help
    Nursing should be more "uniform" from state to state ..and every NURSINGBOARD MEMBER should have a E-mail address listed...
    In this day and age ..it is unacceptable not to be reached via the internet :angryfire
    No matter how loud we shout no one will hear us unless ..
    WE NURSES UNITE...SPEAK UP ....and get truly organized:hatparty:
  12. by   elkpark
    It seems the board forgot whom they represent or whom they should help
    Welcome to allnurses, Ginger1023! Your comment is something that gets mentioned fairly often around here. BONs haven't "forgotten" who they represent -- BONs and all their rules exist to represent and serve the public, and to "protect" the public from nurses. How pleasant and helpful they are to nurses varies greatly from state to state. Nursing professional organizations exist to represent and serve nurses ...
  13. by   ginger1023
    I am a NURSE and I serve the public...so why make it difficult once I have passed my NCLEX TEST ,,,have a licence in another state and in another country....have NEVER HAD MY LICENSE REVOKED ..or any BAD mark from any of my employers or patients I took care of....
    so whom is the board protecting or serving.....:stone
  14. by   purplemania
    email: exam@bne.state.tx.us (to confirm GN permits & ATT)

    Tiffany Sloan direct # 512/305-6819 or 6818 for licensure and application info