Spring 2016 El Centro College/ NLC ADN

  1. I know that it's VERY early right now to start gearing up for the Spring 2016 admission but I thought I'd start this post early seeing as I have already started taking my final classes, preparing to take the Hesi A2 test and submitting all my other documents for the program. If all goes well, I will be between 30 and 34 points. How many points do you think you'll be at when it's time to apply for the 2016 spring entry? What's the lowest score that they have accepted for previous entries? Are there any single mothers, such as I, who will be applying for the nursing program? Hope to hear more from others who are getting ready to join. Would love to get lots of feedback!!!!!
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  3. by   Thurman612
    Hello Shauntil07!
    It is NEVER to early to start getting ready for nursing school!
    You points are VERY competitive! I just recently applied for the Fall 2015 program with only 27 points! For previous program, the cut off was 27, not sure what it will be now. I really did not plan to apply til June. But went ahead and applied anyway. So if I don't get in this time I will be applying with 31 points in June! I also applied to UTA academic partnership last week. I will be happy to share any information with you that I already have. BEst wishes and good luck!!!!!
  4. by   shauntil07
    @Lnduke81 If I just get in some classes and don't push myself to limit on my Hesi test and all I'll be at 29 points but right now I'm going for 31. What is the UTA academic partnership? I've heard a little bit about it but what is it exactly? Is this the same as the professional nursing pathways program through El Centro or something totally different?
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    Quote from shauntil07
    @Lnduke81 If I just get in some classes and don't push myself to limit on my Hesi test and all I'll be at 29 points but right now I'm going for 31. What is the UTA academic partnership? I've heard a little bit about it but what is it exactly? Is this the same as the professional nursing pathways program through El Centro or something totally different?
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  7. by   Gabyb
    Hello, Does anyone know when the deadline is for spring 2015?
  8. by   shauntil07
    @Gabyb Do you mean Spring 2016? If so, the deadline is July 15th.
  9. by   Gabyb
    Yes, sorry I meant 2016. So if I was finishing my Pre-reqs this fall I would have to apply for fall 2016?
    So far I have taken 8 courses towards RN to BSN transition programs-8pts
    English 1301-B, Psychology 2301-A and I am taking A&P next semester so if i make at least a C in that class then thatll be 4pts
    I am also planning to take microbiology, developmental psych, a humanities course, and technical writing along with A&P-5pts
    I am also planing to take HPRS 1202, and 1204 during maymester (if they allow me to, im not sure if i can do that or not)-5pts
    if everything goes as planned then i will have 22 points total and the rest is up to how well I score on the HESI.
    I thought I would be able to apply for spring but the deadline is pretty early :-(
  10. by   shauntil07
    Yes you would be applying for Fall 2016. The deadline for that entry is usually in November of the previous year ex: November 2014 for Fall 2015. But it looks like you don't have that much to go! I believe HPRS 1202 and 1204 are offered in maymester however, the class times may be much longer and more days you have to sit in class. DCCCD has a new rule now that you can't take more credit hours than the number of weeks for that semester. Ex: ENGL 1301 you take in summer 1. It is 5 weeks long. You would only be able to take that class for that semester because taking 2 classes would equal 6 credit hours=more than 5 weeks long. I believe the HPRS classes are 2 credit hours, so this may be possible to do in maymaster. So yeah hopefully that was a good example but go to your advising office and check and make sure that's accurate. Also, take your HESI early. That way if you don't do so well, you'll have time to go back and try again to get a better score. Hope all of this helps. I am taking microbiology in the summer and hopefully english 1302 but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it. If you have any questions feel free to drop them here or in my inbox I'll answer
  11. by   mkat123
    Hello all!

    I had a similar question on taking both HPRS classes before the application deadline of July 15. I'm hoping this can be done for the May-mester. That would improve my points. I'm currently a full time student taking some of the RN to BSN courses. I'm taking English 1302, Nutrition, Sociology 1301 and Government 2306.

    Right now, these are my stats:
    Haven't taken HPRS classes - 0 points
    Prerequisite GPA 3.6 - 5 points
    Support courses only 6 credit hours - 3 points
    (Humanities elective counts as a support course, right? I took HUMA 1315 and I took PSYC 2314)
    I HAVE YET to test for the HESI!
    Finally I will have completed 8/14 of the RN to BSN classes so - 8 points

    Without taking those two HPRS classes I only have 16 points. If I take them, I will have 21 points. After that, I will need to take the HESI test. I am hoping to get at least 30 points in total after my HESI! But hey, the more the better!

    I was wondering if it's a for sure thing about being able to take those classes before the application deadline July 15th? I feel as though I really need those.

    Also, I had a question. I only took A&P I and not II. I know the HESI contains A&P. However, does one need to complete that course in order to regain the material or would a study guide of the HESI be good enough?
  12. by   shauntil07
    I'm sure you'll be able to stick in some Summer I and Maymester classes before the July 15th deadline. It would be a great advantage for you to take those HPRS classes, equal more points. I haven't taken the HESI test myself (will be registering for April or May), but I'm sure it would be beneficial for you to take both A&P I & II. I'd look around for some HESI posts here on the site and see if there are any responses as far as tips for the A&P section of the test. Let me know if this post was helpful. If you need to ask any more questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.
  13. by   mkat123
    Thanks for the info! It was helpful. Do you know how many times can we take the HESI test? I haven't signed up yet but I am planning to take it sometime in the summer (maybe in late May early June for first attempt). I plan on retaking it if I'm not satisfied with my score. How far apart can we take the HESI exam? Say if I'm not satisfied with my May/June score, can I retake it in the same month? I'm not necessarily too worried about it but it is always good to be safe and plan ahead for these things.

    I'm currently enrolled at Richland college and I know I have to mail my transcripts to El Centro before the deadline. Does this require me to sign up for admissions at El Centro or do I just need to give them my transcript? I would like to take those classes in May so I was wondering if I need to send in transcripts to El Centro in order to sign up for those classes in May. Sorry for all the questions, just want to be prepared and seek advice from other students
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  14. by   shauntil07
    Depends on what location you are taking your HESI at. Here at North Lake, you can take it 2x per month. Whichever location you take it at, check their websites or call them for more information. You just need to turn in your transcripts that's all. Depending on when classes end, for safe measure, I would turn those transcripts in in person. Don't apologize for asking questions girl! It may definitely help others who have the same concerns