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Shauntil07 has 10 years experience as a CNA and specializes in PCT.

Accepted into Brookhaven for Fall 2020! I'm excited to be starting this year (even during a pandemic). I'm hoping to be a mother/baby or NICU nurse. Don't hesitate to hit me up!

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  1. Shauntil07

    Accepted to Two Schools. Help!

    I applied to two ADN programs. I was accepted into both. I made an acceptance letter for my first choice ADN program and I turned down the other one. However, I was contacted by the rejected ADN program for a chance to join the program. So I'm stuck. Here are the reasons why I'm between choosing one for the other. First Choice ADN-16 month program, I've already taken one of their BSN online concurrent elective classes as its a concurrent enrollment program so I'm enrolled in the other university, I would still have to go back for the rest of my BSN afterwards. Drive to the ADN campus is about 15 minutes. Second Choice ADN (rejected program)-24 months, they are apart of a new online concurrent enrollment program which allows you to graduate with your ADN/BSN at the same time but then I would have to enroll into another university for this program. The ADN satellite campus is also close to my house (about 5 minutes drive). I also have to factor in that even though I do qualify for financial aid, I have loans-and quite a bit of them (into the thousands of dollars). So, I'm just wondering what I should do...
  2. Shauntil07

    Brookhaven Spring 2021

    There are some schools who are offering HESI testing online. I know El Centro was for a short time. Not sure if any universities or other community colleges are offering it but you can call or try and reach out to them via facebook and see what they say.
  3. Shauntil07

    Tarrant county college Nursing fall 2020

    That was a very quick turnaround!
  4. Shauntil07

    Tarrant county college Nursing fall 2020

    CONGRATS to everyone who was accepted!
  6. Shauntil07

    Brookhaven Fall 2020

    Sending a private message!
  7. Shauntil07

    Fall 2020 Mountain View Nursing Program Applicants

    Yes. The acceptance letters went out the first week of April. I believe they created a facebook group where all the accepted applicants are at. That's why there isn't much activity here.
  8. Shauntil07

    Fall 2020 El Centro Nursing Program Applicants

    So, I just declined my spot this morning for North Lake. Hardest decision ever to make, but only one school can have me. I hope that this will help one lucky person to get into the program. You guys take care. I will still stay on allnurses to keep everyone updated. I'm not leaving 🙂
  9. Shauntil07

    Tarrant county college Nursing fall 2020

    I sent you a private message too... 🙂
  10. Shauntil07

    Tarrant county college Nursing fall 2020

    thank you for this insight! I got accepted into brookhaven and was wondering if tcc might be the better fit but 16 months cant be beat.
  11. Shauntil07

    El centro Nursing Fall 2020

    Seems like a pretty good number to me!
  12. Shauntil07

    Brookhaven Fall 2020

    Very interesting perspective...🤔
  13. Shauntil07

    Brookhaven Fall 2020

    I’m giving up hope for today...😢😢😢
  14. Shauntil07

    Brookhaven Fall 2020

    I was just about to comment and say "I hope today we find out!" LOL
  15. Shauntil07

    Tarrant county college Nursing fall 2020

    Thanks for this information. I like that you can pick your theory class because (don't quote me on this) I think at Dallas schools, the faculty has to put in those classes. Don't hold it to me though.
  16. Shauntil07

    Tarrant county college Nursing fall 2020

    This is an update. They must've just changed that yesterday because when I saw it like Thursday, it was still April 19. This COVID mess is messing up everthing...ugh! I was in the process of turning everything in but I didn't finish the application yet. Plus, I'm trying to figure out how to turn in my immunizations as many of them are not on the same form...so I'm going to email them and see how to turn that in. I think they will help us register since those would be nursing courses but I'm just assuming.