What you do when you fail clinical at El Centro College in Dallas?

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Regroup. Decide what other career interests you. Go for it.

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Macbeth16088 said:
Has anyone ever failed clinical failed in Elcentro college

I am sure that previous El Centro students have failed their nursing program clinical rotations. However, it might be a very long time before anyone in this situation posts about his/her failure, so please be patient.


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You're right. My son wants to know what might happen if he miss his clinical rotation for 2days next semester because of his twin brother's wedding. I told him he would fail his clinical and best if he discuss with Elcentro first. At least he would know what to do and what options he's got!

I would strongly suggest your son talks to the dean. Missing clinicals is not allowed and can result in being dropped from the program. The information regarding the policies are found in the nursing student handbook.

Good luck to your son.

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