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This is my first post ever to allnurses, although I've been referencing information for about a year.

My question is this: Is SCIT 1408 really the same as BIOL 2402 or is it easier? Has anyone had experience with taking SCIT online? I found one post on this site by a person who had taken it online but from a different instructor...

I already have A&P I (a 3000-level class from UTD). I am currently taking the Micro for Science Majors (2421) at Richland, which spans the entire summer, and I'm taking HPRS 1204 at El Centro which ends at the end of July. The only remaining class I need is A&P II.

I do not desire an early grave so I had no intentions of stacking A&P II on top of Micro over the summer and am currently registered for BIOL 2402 at Richland in the Fall.

However, depending on certain factors of application deadlines, I may need A&P II complete before the Fall. It is not possible for me to take BIOL 2402 (none of the instructors teaching it at Richland over the summer are rated well on and I wouldn't want to add a difficult class with a poor instructor to my already full load). However, there is an SCIT 1408 class that is online that starts on Monday, June 28th. I think I could manage putting this class on top of my course load if it is straight-forward and well organized. I am intelligent and focused but I do not thrive in unorganized classes without clearly stated expectations.

I am aware that SCIT 1408 does not transfer to bachelor's-level nursing degrees and I still plan on taking BIOL 2402. My only reason for considering this SCIT class is to be able to meet a specific deadline for a coordinated program between El Centro & Texas Health/Presbyterian Dallas.

Thank you in advance for anyone who can help! :)


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scit 1408 transfers to UTA's BSN for sure.


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Thank you, Niaya!

I went ahead & enrolled in the class and am finishing the first week. There is at least one student in the class who is going to school at TWU so now I'm thinking that it counts toward A&P credit at UTA & TWU even though those schools don't list it on their sites.

I assume you know this because you're either in the program or you've spoken to an admission counselor? If this is true, I won't have to take BIOL 2402!!!

Also, for anyone interested in taking the SCIT A&P online through El Centro with Dr. R, I highly recommend it. I haven't taken any quizzes or exams yet but the information for studying is well laid out and Dr. R is very actively involved with the class.

Thanks again, Niaya! :)


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Hi Niaya,

I know your post regarding Dr. R at El Centro was back in the summer, but I was hoping you can tell me which Dr. R you were referring too for A&P. Theres a male and female Dr. R that teaches A&P at el Centro. I have already registered and I really hope you can help me because I cannot find any student reviews on the male Dr. R who teaches A&P and this will be a retake for me in hopes of increasing my gpa.

Thanks in advance for your help:confused:


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I took AP 2 (SCIT 1408 at Cedar Valley) and Micro at the same time, along with college algebra. Lots of work, but definitly do-able! Good luck!

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