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  1. Hi,

    I'm a pre-nursing student with BS's in bio and psych, 3.5 gpa overall (graduated 10 years ago). I expect that I will get A's in A&P I and II (have 100+ averages so far).

    Unfortunately, when I was young and stupid I made C's in Texas government and advanced microbiology. I plan to retake them this summer. I had made B's in some of my other prereqs back in the day as well (in various chemistry classes, a history class, etc.)

    Do you think I need to retake everything and postpone applying for another year? The thought of enduring Texas government again doesn't thrill me, but I like to hedge my bets.

    I appreciate any feedback!
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  3. by   lilkimball05
    I don't have any experience with TWU personally but the information you provided I would definitely at least apply. Since you are anticipating A's in your A&P classes that should set you apart some from the pack. If worse comes to worse and you aren't accepted then I would try to figure out why I wasn't accepted (i.e. the classes whose grades weren't high enough) and just retake those....Good luck with everything and I am sure you will do fine...
  4. by   sbyramRN
    I wouldn't bother taking the non science classes over. If you have all A's in your Sciences, and they are up to date, you should be fine.
  5. by   grapejuice01
    Try this:

    Go to the TWU website and find the section that shows exactly which classes are required for admissions... figure out your GPA for those classes ONLY (because thats all they use to rank candidates) That will show you where you stand.

    I graduated in December 06 and the semester that I was admitted to the program the GPA cutoff was something like a 3.8, I believe (based on the pre-req classes)... the cut off goes up a little every semester, so I have no idea what it will be now. Also keep in mind that TWU gives a 0.4 point GPA boost to students who have done a certain number of pre req hours at the Denton campus.

    I would suggest applying now anyways and if you dont get in, you can always retake the classes at that point.

    Good luck!!
  6. by   Babynurse83
    i would say go ahead and try.

    i too made some c's when i first started college. i just found out i was accepted for fall 07. i've retaken classes both science and the basic courses, not sure how many but it was plenty. i got my gpa up to a 3.81 with the help of the added .40 they give you. i applied @3 times, so i'd say go ahead if you can afford to do it and have the time. like posted look at what prereq classes you need and find out your gpa using the calculator worksheet link they have.
  7. by   moncj66
    You should at least try cause you may never know, u may get in. I really dont think they care about government or classes like that. They mostly look at science, lifespan, nutrition, courses like that. I talked to the advisor over the phone because i was wondering the same thing because i got a C in history, also stupidly, and she told me science classes have the most weight than anything else. If your doing good now, that should be enough to get in to a school I dont know if u only want to go to TWU or what.
  8. by   JaxiaKiley
    Are you doing the fast track?
  9. by   karmic_architect
    Quote from JaxiaKiley
    Are you doing the fast track?
    I haven't decided. I may apply to both the regular and the fast track programs.
  10. by   JaxiaKiley
    It seems like the fast track programs wouldn't be as competitive. That's why I asked Good luck!

    I know when I talked to TWU, this past summer, they told me it took a 3.8 to get into the regular program for the last class.
  11. by   NeoNurseTX
    I'd give it a shot before I bothered retaking...or retake while applying. ..cause you just never know!
  12. by   coachp24
    I have my BS and went back to TWU for Nursing. I took History over online for the A. I ended up with 3.486, then with the additional .4, it was 3.886 and got in the fast trac beginning in May. It was my first time to apply. Yours would be 3.9 . Go for it. It doesn't hurt except to pay the 30.00 to reapply.
  13. by   studentforlife
    Make an appointment with an advisor. Take a copy of your transcripts to the appointment and ask their advice.

    Some schools take the first grade earned even if you retake the class.