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  1. studentforlife

    Who numbs for needlesticks?

    As a Pediatric ER Nurse and a Pain Resource Nurse I would encourage you to check the literature. There is substantial research which indicates that pain control for needle sticks (even for IMs) can have a positive effect on the overall outcome for the patient. Conversely, failing to treat pain can affect the patient's physiologic response (not just psychological) to that procedure AND future procedures. We use Jtips (needleless delivery of buffered lidocaine), cold spray for injections and IV starts and EMLA for LPs and port access. Incidentally, for those of you who are having little success or patient discomfort with cold spray, you may consider the "snowball" method. Saturate a cotton ball with the cold spray and hold it in place with pressure for 15 seconds immediately before needle stick.
  2. studentforlife

    Weatherford College

    I had no complaints about the program. I won't say it wasn't challenging but that left me very well prepared for the NCLEX and for work as an RN.
  3. studentforlife

    Need help! Can't use the 'Net for research!!!

    That's fantastic! I don't remember ever learning about that stuff either.
  4. studentforlife

    Need help! Can't use the 'Net for research!!!

    How in-depth does your research need to be? Can the information be found in your textbook?
  5. studentforlife

    Weatherford College

    When I went we had class or clinicals every day for the first semester but I heard they had decreased the hours so I'm not sure if it's still the same.
  6. studentforlife

    Hello everyone, gotta a question for Texas students

    The exam is designed to ensure that new nurses are well versed in the Nurse Practice Act and all legal and ethical aspects of nursing. It's not meant to imply anything other than every nurse needs to under what is legally required in the practice of nursing.
  7. studentforlife

    Carpool to Weatherford

    As a grad of WC I just wanted say congratulations! They have a really good program. Also - go to a movie, read a novel, have some fun, because you're about to be busier than you can imagine. And it's worth it.
  8. studentforlife

    Weatherford College points

    It depends on how many applicants and how many points each had. If they have 50 applicants with 26 points, then you'd have to have the same amount. However, if they have two applicants over 22 and the rest with 22 or lower then you're in. I don't know when this application period ends but when I applied we were able to call (or email) Karen Long in the nursing department office and she would tell us how many applicants they'd had and how it was looking as far as the points cut off goes. I hope this was clear. If not ... just call Karen. She's wonderful and knows everything about everything in the nursing department. Good luck.
  9. I've heard the same about Weatherford college. Good luck in your search.
  10. studentforlife

    I need help with when and where to apply

    You could always speak with the nurse recruiter at any hospital hospital that interests you. They are usually very helpful.
  11. studentforlife

    Can you be expelled from Nursing School in Texas for being pregnant

    For nursing school? Not radiology? I can't imagine it being legal either way, I'm just trying to make sense of why it would matter. It's not like nurses don't have babies.... and they don't have to quit work while pregnant.
  12. studentforlife

    State Fair of Texas

    "Honestly have no interest in going there when the most healthy food alternative is walking around munching on a turkey drumstick. People at work were pulling up the fair's website and describing to me all the stomach churning delicacies I should try out. Sorry, but you couldn't pay me to go there. Guess others feel the same way." You don't actually have to buy or consume any of the food there. You could go for the sake of enjoying the sights, sounds, and a day spent with family/friends.
  13. studentforlife

    If not TCC, where to go?

    I couldn't say but I believe the nursing school advisor would tell you honestly whether or not you have a good chance.
  14. studentforlife

    If not TCC, where to go?

    You might consider speaking with advisors at both TCC and some of the Dallas County Community Colleges. Although there are several nursing programs in the area, all have high standards. There are so many people competing for each spot that the schools are able to set the bar very high.
  15. studentforlife

    TEAS at Weatherford College

    ATI Testing has a page on their website that contains TEAS FAQS. http://www.atitesting.com/global/students/entering-nursing-school.aspx and click on one of the TEAS choices from the menu on the left. You may have to copy and paste the URL listed above into your browser's address bar.
  16. studentforlife

    How to calculate salary?

    Although I can't speak for everyone, I can say that my hospital does not pay 40 for 36. So we would multiply that by 36.