Hospital-based Nursing Program

  1. I was wondering there are any hospitals in Texas that offer a Hospital-based Nursing program. My husband might possibly be a state trooper in Texas in the fall. We currently live in Michigan which means I would have to from the current nursing program that I am in.

    Thanks in advance for the responses!
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  3. by   bioniclewoman
    I know Texas Health Resources and Plaza Medical Centers together have a program that use with a local community college. I think it is called El Centro. JPS also has some kind of program they do throught Tarrant County College. All this is in Fort Worth
  4. by   HouTx
    Are you looking for a diploma program? I think Texas only has one of those left -- Baptist in San Antonio. But last I heard, they were converting to an ADN program also.
  5. by   Prettyladie
    baptist in san antonio already converted. i know that lewisville medical center has a program through el centro as well, and methodist hopsital has one too.
  6. by   jmg333
    Woodville has an LVN program through their hospital called Tyler County School of Vocational Nursing. I graduated in December and would rec it to anyone, it is a GREAT program!
  7. by   TruNurse86
    Hi jmg333 I just got in to the Tyler County Hospital program and am dying to know what its all about. Please mo' fo'!
  8. by   Katy-NursingStudent
    baptist health system
    department of professional nursing
    8400 datapoint drive
    san antonio, texas 78229-3234
    phone: (210) 297-9100 fax: (210) 297-0915
    covenant school of nursing
    2002 west loop 289
    suite 120
    lubbock, texas 79407
    phone: (806) 797-0955 fax: (806) 793-0720

    these are the only ones left in the state.

  9. by   StephanieNicole
    Huntsville Memorial Hospital has an LVN program that starts accepting applications in March and starts classes at the end of December. There aren't any prereqs to get in, other than some sort of entrance exame. I know absolutely nothing else about the program, but it may be worth looking into!
  10. by   Kalait
    Lubbock, had a hospital based program in the 1980's, it is now Covenant, I know the school still exist but not sure of the program.
  11. by   Candwloc
    Im taking the TEAS tomorrow for TC in woodville. Really anxious..Got one chance. Wish me luck