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  1. update: I got the good pop up! Still praying
  2. Hurst Q-review questions

    Hello, I took Hurst Review and my last 2 simulator test I made 82/125 and 78/125. I took NCLEX-RN yesterday 2/29/20. I did the pearson vue trick and got the good pop up! Ill update for the recent Hurst takers ?
  3. Nurse 880,Thank you for your reply! I have 2 more of the Hurst exams. Ill focus on those and the rationales. The 29th feels so soon. Thanks for the advice!
  4. congrats! What is it about Hurst helped, or was it the combo of all the reviews? I have 5 days before my MCLEX-RN. I am doing Hurst and getting bored with it. Any recommendations?
  5. What you didn't know

    Thanks for sharing! I've dealt with similar many times. Nurses like you are my true heroes
  6. Advice on mentoring inexperienced CNA

    Ive been in her shoes now im in yours..the best advice I would give is encourge her to become a nurse..then let her see for herself ,as a nurse, how it really is..experience is the best education/ eye opener.
  7. NCLEX-PN in 1 week (27th)

    Thanks!! :)
  8. NCLEX-PN in 1 week (27th)

    It's offical today! It's Amazing to see my name on the BON! This last year and a half of craziness was all worth it! Thank God for getting me through it!! Time to start applying :-)
  9. *Good Luck On NCLEX Tomorrow ( and of course anyday )

    YAY thats AWSOME!! It's so exciting to see your name on the BON. Mine was offical today. Im so HAPPY! Time to celebrate!!
  10. *Good Luck On NCLEX Tomorrow ( and of course anyday )

    Just a little bit longer..hold on tight! I had the same pop up as you and I passed .Im sure you did too!
  11. *Good Luck On NCLEX Tomorrow ( and of course anyday )

    That's GREAT! CONGRATS AGAIN!:w00t:
  12. Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    Thanks! It's from your appointment time..i was counting down to the last minute..every second counts LOL!! Thanks everyone for your help and Congrat's & Good Luck with whatever may be in store for you
  13. NCLEX-PN in 1 week (27th)

    yes i payed $7.95..the BEST money I ever spent!
  14. NCLEX-PN in 1 week (27th)

    way to go joe!!! so glad the pvt was right. now only waiting for the official results from the board of nursing no we do not wear the hat(but i can if i want this is our class graduation picture. we had a nightingale ceremony. it was real...
  15. Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    Pearson vue 'Quick results' works on Sunday!! 48 hours from your exact time from your appointment time it pops up.. 'results are available'. The trick worked for me! Just found out I PASSED!!YAYAYAYAYAY