Help i need with job in houston

  1. i live in sugarland and i graduated december 2011 and i just passed my boards on jan 5th 2013. Right now i really need to get a job but no one is hiring. I have a bachelors and i graduated with a 3.23. Please if you are a nurse out there and you have someone to recommend, Please i wouldnt mind being that person. I am at the point in my life where this job is going to save my life and my marriage. Feel free to email me.
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    I had the same problem when I was a new grad, and my solution was to go for the smaller, less advertised hospitals such as Triumph, which is now Kindred, Reliant, Nexus, Solara, etc. Don't be afraid to reach out further into the suburbs or even rural. I have an old classmate who managed to break into ER by working out in the middle of nowhere. A long commute will stink, but hopefully it will be temporary. It's not as good as acute hospital experience, but it's a job and you will learn things. When interviewing, show interest in pertinent subjects like rehabilitation and long term antibiotic therapy, and do not tell them if you plan to use them as a stepping stone. Get certified with as many things as you can, and take advantage of what they have to offer.

    Good luck.
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  5. by   eturner7
    You may not be able to get a job in a hospital so be open to other places, such as assisted living and home health. You can go to craigslist and search for jobs. You can google assisted living in houston or sugarland. Assisted living can be kinda old school. Meaning you have to go up there and fill out an application. But call and find out if they are accepting applications. Try to speak to the DON or ADON.

    My husband started off at an assisted living facility, a year later he got a job at Kindred. Most employers want you to have 6 months to a year experience, so take what you can get. Even if it is PRN take it, it might turn into full time work. Again you just need to get experience at this time.

    Good luck.
  6. by   CatherineHulme
    May have to look into travelling to get a decent job houston everything is blowing up right now try looking more miles away... Took me two months to get a job in San Antonio with honors GPA and a friends in hospital reccomendation
  7. by   HouTx
    Agree with PPs - focus on the community-based facilities. Although I really don't understand it, there is always a lot of competition for jobs in TMC. (FWIW, I have always thought that the inconveniences of TMC jobs outweigh any advantages). I assume that you have already applied at facilities in your area & the SW Freeway corridor. You probably want to check out Sugarland/Ft. Bend facilities for Methodist, St. Lukes & Memorial-Hermann. You may also want to look at their facilities in the Katy & Pearland areas; the commute wouldn't be too bad.
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    Kindred in the Medical Center is hiring, and I know they hire new RN's. Message me for any questions
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    i say this nicely, but perhaps you should reconsider the email that you use "professionally"....aka not something that has "cookie" in it.
    i love cookies as well. unless that is your given, legal name, i suggest creating one solely for job hunting/linkedin & all that.
    i can think of countless monster/indeed/aol job articles that note cutesy email addresses make HR cringe/ giggle. not the effect you want to have you know ? :-)
    i was just trying to give some constructive criticism. good luck!
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    I know of a few places in the baytown are if you don't mind LTC or home health.

    Paramount healthcare
    Bayview home health
    St james house of baytown
    Allenbrook healthcare
    Libert health care (in liberty texas, east of baytown)

    I found them all in the baytown sun newspaper. maybe you should check the houston chronicle too.

    good luck!
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    Hey Kyrshamarks, Thanks but how do I contact you? Can you email me at Or you can give me yours. Thanks for your concern
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    Hi, if theres anyone out there reading this, I am a new mom in desperate need of a job. I graduated dec 2011, moved to houston, had a baby then I took my boards and passed. Now I need a job. I really do. Not just for the money but I know the more I stay home the more difficult it is to use my license. I love helping people and that is why I chose nursing as a career. When I had my baby, the nurses were so nice to me and I told myself someday I would want to pay back. I am a good nurse looking for a job to fulfill my dreams. Any references will be appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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