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Hello everyone! Just thought I'd start a thread to see where everyone is applying for Fall 2007! It seems like it will take forever for April to get here! Good luck to everyone who is applying! Also,... Read More

  1. by   txspadequeenRN
    :bowingpur thank you !!!

    Quote from bakers4pack
    ladies, the letters from tcc should be on the way soon! they have orientation set up for may 4!!!! so they have to have a little time for some responses before that. :spin:

    good luck!

    :-) missy
    rn in dec '08
  2. by   JaxiaKiley
    Oh wow -- it's getting so close!

    *fingers crossed*
  3. by   Heloisea3
    Whoohoo! Now that I know this, I'll really be following in txspadequeen's foot steps and stalking the mailman. I'm already starting to look for him. I guess I will meet him everyday at the mailbox until I hear something. Maybe they mailed the letters out today. I hope so. Thank you so much for letting us know about the orientation date. That makes me so excited!
  4. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    Hey all. Good luck to you waiting on letters. I have applied at TJC here in East Texas and should hear something sometime next week.I was hoping this week, but I called yesterday and they said they will have the last meeting any day, and expect them to be sent by next Wednesday. I, like the rest of you, have been stalking the mailman!! :chuckle Hopefully he will have the long awaited good news this time next week!!!
  5. by   PreNurseKirk
    I got my acceptance letter today for El Centro College in Dallas!
  6. by   sejin
    Congratulations!!!! I want to check my mailbox but I'm so nervous..how were the statistics???? Did the lowest graded student have a 4.0 GPA for prereqs?
  7. by   PreNurseKirk
    4.0 will get you in!

    The lowest GPA for pre-reqs at El Centro was 3.54, and for Northlake it was 3.69. What HPRS 1204 are you enrolled in?
  8. by   sejin
    I checked my mail and I'm accepted! I'll be going to Northlake. Oh my gosh uniforms are $80.
  9. by   PreNurseKirk
    Congrats Sejin!!!! Aren't you glad the wait is over! I am actually not even sure if I will be accepting or not. I am still debating on whether to just finish up my last 9 classes for the BSN and apply to TWU for next Fall. I am not impressed with the dropout/fail rate at ECC. As well as the 78-83 being a C! Kinda nutty.

    Not to mention that me and the hubby just got surprised with an unexpected pregnancy! Argh! That's the real reason I may just wait it out and take the remaining BSN classes. What to do, what to do???? My head is spinning.

  10. by   sejin
    I am enrolled in the Flex HPRS1204 class, its Monday and Friday 8am-12am at Northlake.
  11. by   PreNurseKirk
    Oh Ok - didn't know if maybe you were in my class. I am at ECC Sat/Sun until May 13th.
  12. by   sejin
    Congrats on your upcoming baby btw!

    70-80 students getting Cs??
  13. by   PreNurseKirk
    [QUOTE 70-80 students getting Cs??[/QUOTE]

    Something I read in another post:

    Another big factor you need to look at regarding the schools - ECC's passing grade is 78 and above; therefore, 78-83 is a "C", 84-89 is a "B" and 90-100 is an "A". This is important if you want your BSN later and are concerned with GPA. At other schools 70 and above is passing. Most of the BSN schools look at the GPA when deciding on admissions, and, according to their grading a "C" is 70-79. But if you go to ECC and your final grade in a particular class is an 83 (a "B" by UT or TWU standards) your transcript from ECC will reflect a "C", giving you a lower GPA, and the other schools will never know that according to their standards your grade would be different!!