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Hi there, I am really looking for some advice here. I got accepted into a Nursing program for this fall, but today I got a call saying that I need to take A&P before I can enter the program in the fall. If not, then I can't start until fall of 2014 :drowning:. This is really bumming me out. I was wondering if anyone knew of any tests I could take to "test out" of A&P. I wouldn't mind taking the classes later, I just want to be able to get into my nursing classes and clinicals this fall! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks guys!

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Probably not - anatomy and physiology is a two-semester sequence AND requires lab for both semesters (99% of the time)

Sorry, but I think that's the reality of it. But a one-year wait isn't that bad.

I was gonna suggest you take it this summer, then I realized it was two parts to A&P -- it's going to suck if you have to wait. But at least you already got accepted. Speak with someone at your school about testing out of A&P. It might be possible. A year really is a long time to me-especially if you can start this year; but maybe you can keep yourself busy until then. Everything happens for a reason. Good luck!


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Im gonna be a little mean here and say, i think you may have jumped into a nursing program soon if the thought of "testing out" of the single most important pre-nursing course possible crossed your mind. Nursing is pretty heavily based on anatomy and physiology, especially when it comes to oxygenation, blood, lab values and why the lab values are affected, as well as muscles. if you could test out of A&P and havent taken it at all before then your first semester will be much more difficult than most of your fellow students. Again, if i come of as mean about it i'm sorry, but i felt the need to be blunt.


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I agree with the above posters. The instructors will not go over A&P, they will expect you to know it going in because you will jump straight into pathophysiology so you have to understand how the normal works first. If you don't understand that you will have a really hard time with the disease processes. I know it sucks but it's worth it to take the classes now before you start nursing school. Hope it works out for you.


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You need A&P! Just buckle down and do it. It is hard to wait, but this is foundational info!


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You might be able to take both a&p 1 and a&p 2 back to back in the summer. I did it last summer and it was hard, but doable. There are a bunch of pre-reques to nursing school - not really any way around that.


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Testing out of A&P is an awful, awful idea. Also, it's a little more than memorizing names of bones and muscles, so I'd imagine testing out without any basis of the knowledge would be quite difficult. Take A&P and appreciate how useful it will be for your career.

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Anatomy and physiology are the basis for everything. Of course you can't test out. If you did, it would do a discredit to the nursing program.

The only thing I can say is that not all programs require 2 classes, mine needed one class, but it was 5 credit hours. It was possible to do it over the summer. Hard, but possible.

My next question is how did you not know you needed A&P when applying and how did you get accepted without having it?


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My next question is how did you not know you needed A&P when applying and how did you get accepted without having it?

That's what I been confused about.

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I'm guessing she didn't really read the catalogue/syllabus that says you are accepted into the prenursing program and you have to take these prerequisites, or she didn't read the letter that says you have acceptance into the nursing program contingent on your passing them or ... this is a fake.

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How does one get accepted into a nursing school without having taken A&P? Is this one of those schools that you pay 100 grand ahead of time and they accept everyone who can pay? I don't mean to hurt feelings here but this is so unrealistic. On the other hand, I know of a nearby university that teaches the whole year of A&P in a summer term. It is like a full-time job.