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Tested today 5-31-07

tx2007 specializes in med/surg, ortho/neuro, ambulatory surg.

I feel good about it I mean I still have SOME doubts but I think I passed!! I got 75 questions and was out of there in an hour. I got NO math problems, lots of pharm and lots of prioroity (who would you see first) I should know by Sat if I passed or not but would you all keep me in your thoughts so that hopefully I will be a RN!! Thanks!:balloons:

nhelkhound specializes in hospice, home care, LTC.

I tested today also. No math, lots of prioritizing, very few med questions. Had 75 questions, feeling quite anxious. Any advice to get through 'til results posting?

tx2007 specializes in med/surg, ortho/neuro, ambulatory surg.

I am trying to just have a good weekend go out to eat, see a movie or something fun, I figure I cant do anything to change my results now so I might as well just have fun!! Update when you find out you PASSED!!

I just took my test today in Phoenix, it stopped at 75 and I cried all the way home. There was a lot of info that we never covered in school, in fact I had to look up one test on the internet because it wasn't in any of my books. I am beginning to feel better after reading some of the posts on this site.

Good luck to us all!


tx2007 specializes in med/surg, ortho/neuro, ambulatory surg.

Well hopefully we all PASSED!! MissKitty I lived in Phoenix (actually Glendale) for a while in college about 7 years ago. Wish I could talk DH into moving back :::Sigh:::

Its over! 75 questions and I felt GOOD about it. When I got to 73 I knew I was only getting 75 questions. I am so glad its over! For everyone who tested today.... we made it!!!:monkeydance: Best wishes to everyone and I'll talk to all of you new RNs soon.

I took my NCLEX yesterday....I am on pins and needles -worried sick to the point of vomiting!!! I also got 75 questions-- I will get my results tomorrow morning. Best of Luck to us all!!!!

runnerbe specializes in ER, TELE, ONCO, SUBACUTE, GERIATRICS.

i heard if you have alot of priority question, no math or have all that apply question. and 75 question ----------- you pass.

good luck and let us as know.

tx2007 specializes in med/surg, ortho/neuro, ambulatory surg.

I sure hope so I WAS feeling confident but now nerves have kicked in and I'm doubting myself. I had two select all that apply but literally 80% of my test was who would you see first.

I had two select all that apply and a math question.....

There has to be an easier way to determine our competence without going through this stress! I won't know until tommorrow morning (AZ is fast like that) if I passed, I feel better after reading all the posts of people who passed w/ 75 but then you have that one person that knows people who failed. I would think that if you only have 75 questions its a good chance you passed because that is a little early to predict competence. All I know is that was the hardest test I have taken in nursing school and I don't recall the questions ever "getting easier" as I went through it.


KaCo specializes in Tele.

I found out my results today and I was sooo nervous for the whole time. I cried after the test on my way home, when I got home, the day after the test and finally........when I got the good news that I was officially a R.N.

Good Luck to all of You!!!

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