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  1. stacie0727

    Tested today 5-31-07

    I found out this morning that I PASSED!!!! :smiley_aa Virginia is very quick about getting results posted and I only had to wait one night (it was a very long, restless night). Everyone who is still waiting to get results, I wish you all well. I have heard that most people who only get 75 questions usually do pass and I am sure everyone who are still waiting for results did just fine. It's nice knowing it's all over!
  2. stacie0727

    Tested today 5-31-07

    I was feeling good after the test, but now reality is setting in and I feel very nervous also TEX. The majority of my test was prioritization and meds: no math questions, peds or OB. I did have 3-4 "select all that apply". Also, we should keep in mind that some of the questions are trial questions and don't can't against you. (I think it's about 10, but I'm certain.)
  3. stacie0727

    Tested today 5-31-07

    Its over! 75 questions and I felt GOOD about it. When I got to 73 I knew I was only getting 75 questions. I am so glad its over! For everyone who tested today.... we made it!!!:monkeydance: Best wishes to everyone and I'll talk to all of you new RNs soon.
  4. stacie0727


    Congratulations!!!!!:balloons: :balloons: :balloons: I take my NCLEX test on Thursday 5-31 and I am soooo nervous. Any suggestions or tips for preparing for the test would be great! I am took the Kaplan course and praying it works!
  5. stacie0727

    Nclex-rn 05-31-07

    I am taking my NCLEX exam on Thursday as well. I took Kaplan 2 weeks ago and have averaged between 58-65% on the question trainers. I refuse to reschedule due to stress and many RNs have told me that the Kaplan course is more difficult than NCLEX exam. Just relax, have a drink the night before and you will do great! Good luck, Stacie