Taking the nclex-rn tomorrow..


i will be taking the nclex-rn tomorrow and this is the second time that i will be facing that beast! lol..

anyway, i just want to thank this forum and all members in it that posted a lot of threads that helped me with my review as well.

i am taking it at 2:30pm tomorrow,november 22, 2010. i can say that with the resources i used (saunders, davis, la charity, and kaplan's question trainers plus all the interesting threads on this site), i feel more confident about taking the exam..

this is my second attempt but i am really looking at it in every positive way, i know i can and i know i will make it this time! :D

i would like to say good luck and god bless to my co-rns who will be getting their licensure tomorrow! for the first-timers, remember that it is a great experience but it is not worth repeating and for us, retakers, the motto "chase your dreams" doesn't really tell us how many times we'll stumble in chasing the things we really want but what matters the most is how we continue to go towards it. failing the nclex for the first or second or third try is not "failure", it's an experience telling us that we can do better the next time. and the next time you get it right, success is sweeter..;)

i will be praying for all of us and let's all trust ourselves and trust the lord. he did not make us perfect but he made us capable of doing great things. ]he will get us through this.

i will pass this exam, we will pass this exam! :yeah:

so let's go and take that beast down! let's nail the nclex, people! :yeah:

and congratulations to us, rns! :up: :nurse: :redbeathe

**the impossible can always be broken down into small possibilities..**


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I will be praying for you concerning tomorrow. You got this! :yeah::yeah::yeah:


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I will be praying for you concerning tomorrow. You got this! :yeah::yeah::yeah:

thank you, thank you, thank you!.. :D:D:D


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oh and i will be praying for you too, idobelieve.. i just read you'll be taking yours soon, right?

well, congratulations then! :nurse:

God bless us! :D


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Good Luck. Ill be praying for you!


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Good luck...If you Do Your Best on exam:up::up:... U will Definitely PASS.....


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I will pass my NCLEX exam. Thank you for the encouragement and I will be praying for you too.


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thanks to everyone who prayed for me..

i had 76 questions, Lots of prio..

some meds..

1 computation..

saunders heLped a Lot, so did davis and La Charity!..thank God!

when i faced the computer, i said..i will only have to answer 75 questions and will already have proven that im competent to be an RN..

after question 75, i saw 76 and i took a deep breath and said, aLright then, you're not yet satisfied so i will continue but i did not get discouraged or alarmed or scared, i just prayed..

question 76 was an ecg strip, it was v-fib and after that the screen went blue..

i closed my eyes and prayed and said, God, is that it? am i now a nurse? i became all nervous and anxious and scared when i got done with the results..

i would have to wait for cali-BON for 2 weeks to let me know my result, the waiting might kill me (LoL) but i'll keep you posted..

again, thank you everyone for all the prayers!

ill continue to pray for us and for my other friends and to those who will be taking theirs..



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oh, and i had Lots of infection controL questions and that mnemonics thread, HELPED A LOT!

and i finished exactLy after an hour..

shouLd i or shouLd i not do the PVT? what do you think, guys? :heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat


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Do the PVT!! :D


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i tried the PVT, and i got the good pop up..

has the PVT faiLed or Lied before?! LOL..

but i think i did pass though, i mean i beLieve and i know i passed.. -- sorry, but in times Like this, i just need to be optimistic!