Taking my LPN NCLEX tomorrow..ugh!


Tomorrow is the big day and I am scared to death. I have been studying the Saunders Comprehensive PN book and I have been scoring 75% on average (I was scoring 65% at first but for the past 3 weeks I have been getting 75%). I am not good with the drugs (our pharm classes were really lacking and I also have a hard time memorizing them) and some of the questions on the CD were on diseases I have never even heard of. I am going to go over my electrolyte values and isolation precautions a couple more times today but I was wondering if anyone had any advice? Thanks in advance!



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Goodluck!i am taking mine on friday.


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Good luck to you too Tammy!


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:D good Luck !!!!!


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Good luck! :up:


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Good luck.


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How did ya do?! are u goin to try the pop up trick?


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Thanks everyone!

How did ya do?! are u goin to try the pop up trick?

I just tried it and I got the good pop-up and was unable to get to the cc screen. I really hope I passed! I had 85 questions and 20+ were SATA. I took my test at 10:45 this morning. *fingers crossed!*


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congrats jennifer, lpn :clpty:

don't doubt the pearsonvue trick. good pop-up = nurse



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I passed!! :nurse:

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Congrats Jennifer.....and what is the pop-up trick just in case I need it when I take my nclex!!