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I took my NCLEX today at 800 am today. I came to this exam not 100% certain I was fully prepared. I just knew I had waited too long to take the exam and it was time to go. I think I expected too much of myself. I heard stories from friends that they all passed with 75 q so I expected nothing less from myself. In the beginning I thought that the test was ok and that Kaplan had prepared me well. At q75 I was prepared to leave the center because I felt too assure of myself. I saw q76 and my heart just drop. I didn't understand. I wanted a bat or anything to break down my computer. I knew I was in this for the LONG haul. Raised my hand and had to go eat a snack b/c I was feeling hypoglycemic. Went to the bathroom and did a little prayer. I said that God will never leave me and I asked for his assistance till the end. I had faith. At the same time I was scared. Thoughts ran into my mind of what might happen if I didn't do well on this exam. Came question 150 and I wanted someone to either shoot me or just for my computer to explode. I felt frustrated and guilty for not studying enough. I thought I didn't study enough. If I knew the topic I couldn't find the answer. And vice versa. I wanted the answer choice "d" - I don't know. There we procedures I thought were made up. Half of the exam seemed as though it was written in Chinese. A lot of the questions were written as so: this patients undergoing exam creatksdjfpat, what do you expect to do? I felt that this exam was my battle against meds, the one thing I slacked off. What the heck is ldkfjldjf and sldkjflkdjf? Nclex is torturous.

I felt hurtful that I made my family member drive in the wee dark night to this center. For what? Failure. I do not wish upon this feeling on anyone. Driving home, I was mortally depressed. Looked out the windowed and whispered that I still had faith and God will be with me. Prior to the exam, I told myself that I would not do the "pearsonvue trick" because I wanted to linger on the hopes that I might pass. Well......forget that. Temptation and anxiety got me doing the trick. Did all the procedure and popped this:

"Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time."

I honestly don't know if this tricked works. I question it since I wonder how could I have passed at 165 q with only 4 sata, 2 order and thousand meds and millions of priority q. sorry for the long story. Just venting. Will update. :wink2:


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Just because you had 150-160 questions means nothing....You passed silly...the test is meant for u to pass....if u are having a difficult time the computer gives u more questions in the area your need help on.... some people i know passed and 250 and 75.. someone I knew BOMBED at 75.... so chill...U have PNCD....(post nclex depression) WE ALL KNOW THAT TORTURE...THE NEED TO SLEEP, DRINK, CRY, STARE AT CLOCK....TIME GOES SLOWER....UGHHHHHHHHHHHH....well when u see PASS.... U SHALL LAUGH AND SHOUT AND MAKE OTHER PEOPLE CHECK THAT U ARE NOT HALLUCINATING THE WORD PASS....Keep us posted grasshopper!!! ;)


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i think you did well. i would want to find out how to answer

"wqwywtytew" too.. ^^,


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YOU PASSED! plant that in your mind or even to a rock. LOL!:yeah:


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i feel you. i had mine scheduled at 8am and i had my mom driving me at 6am. i stopped at 75q but i wasn't 100% confident as well. the pearsonvue trick was a temptation. i vowed i would not try it... not at least after a week or so. but after i slept for a good 2 hours after the exam, i just had to do it.

and i got the same pop-up. i could not believe it. few days later, i got my official results. I PASSED =]

congratulations RN!


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thanks everybody. I hope everything goes well. I've been reading the pearsonvue trick thread and its somewhat of a whirlwind. i hope it is true b/c i've been checking the site for the pop up everyday!!!


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OMG you really cracked me up reading your post because you sounded just like me when i took my last test.Some of the questions really look like chinese and you think this exam is more than a study one way they attack you with strange questions.anyway hang in there till you see your result dont freak out.Gdluck


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OP, I felt exactly the same this friday. I went to bed around 11pm the night before and woke up @ 0230!! Yeah not good. I laid in bed for hours and finally just got out @ 0530. I went to the Test center 1/2 hr early. It was storming out! I thought "Oh, God is crying for me..b/c Im going to fail!!!!"...Yeah, not good thoughts, but I was very pessimistic about all

When I actually sat down @ depression got worse. They were asking me things I just didnt know or didnt think to study!! I honestly dont know any Orthodox Jew death rites...!! lol.

Comp shut down @ 75 and I felt a lump in my stomach. I called my hubby to come get me, had a small cry in the car (still storming by the way), went home and slept for 4 hrs.

HOWEVER.......I did the "trick" after I woke up (after reading about it here) and got the hopeful message.

Today, I paid for my quickresults (i know, i know..i just couldnt wait) and it read PASS.

Keep hope alive. :D


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I know what you mean. I had a "death" question that was so clueless. I was hoping it was about asian ritual... something i'm more knowledgeable about. i knew sleeping in during religion class would someday come to haunt me!!


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Wanted to let all you guys know that I PASSED!! :nurse::yeah::chuckleOfficially an RN baby!!Now I want to share how I studied. Some of this may be repeated by other posters so I apologize in advance.

First of all, I took Kaplan. It seemed like a sure thing to me. BUT you must put the effort into it. Kaplan is nothing if you do not put in your share. So when I started going to the classes, I realize I lacked A LOT of things especially content. I felt very depressed. So I started doing the content they have of each section. Each day I would do one and take notes that I ended up not reading again but I think it's good to just write information down. Throughout this time, I did not do ANY Q bank b/c I wanted to save it for last. At night I ready Lacharity book all the chapters except last 3 and cases. I also read Kaplan strategy. The only reason I read it was because I bought it but it was no point b/c I already had the Kaplan package. So 2 weeks b/f the exam, I did 2 sets of Q bank (50q) each day and read the rationals. Then took a break and then at night I read lacharity (1 chapter). If I wasn't tired I read random info that I gathered online such as those on this site.

Honestly, I didn't study like crazy. The key is to study in a balance. I read the rationales which I thought was the most time consuming and the difficult part. I also eat healthy. That means fruits and not too much junk food. I thought that the Kaplan q were written very similar to Nclex. Also, I don't recommend buying a drug book I don't think it worth it. I did and I didn't even touch it. :zzzzz:down:The drugs given on the exam are so random. But don't take my words for it. the day b/f the exam, I DID study. I know many don't but I crammed. I think I was fine. I also did something nice for myself which made me feel good. :clown:

I wanted thank everyone for their support and I hope that this help. Please feel free to pm me if you have any questions :wink2:

Angel love

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congrats honey..:up::clphnds::hpygrp::dncgcpd::dancgrp:

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