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  1. wahala

    God is good i passed

    I did use it in the past but not this time.
  2. wahala

    God is good i passed

    Thank you all for the support.the diagram i had was to identify a kind of scar on a persons back.so i just figured it out from the options i had.all the best and i have you in my prayers.
  3. wahala

    God is good i passed

    Hi everyone am so excited to share with you my NCLEX journey,i had taken the exams three times and got 265 question 2 of those times which was exhausting. anyway i am an international nurse and all i wanted to do was just be an RN nothing else so came to this website about 3times a week to read the blogs and get encouragement,after my last failure it took me 11months to put the pieces altogether again this is how i did it exam cram everyday illustrated study guide for the Nclex RN exam by zerwekh and clabborn.did the 20 questions at the back of each chapter to sharpen my critical thinking,it was awesome and very helpful many hints from this website on infection control nnemonics you must study and konw those nnemonics for the meds, check the popular website here and the ones you see from the study books.very helpful. torns of prayer time because with God all things are possible I studied on my own and built confidence in myself and was ready to defeat NCLEX and thank God it is over. i had 75question for 2hrs,lots of infection control,2maths cal,4 meds, lots of priotization,1 audio question,1 diagram to identify abt 10 SATA and multiple choice question. For those still preparing for this great achievement do not give up,have confidence and study till you pass. goodluck
  4. wahala


    I want to attempt the Nclex PN exam before taking the RN can I use thesame books I bought for RN for PN exam.I need advice.
  5. wahala

    265 AND PASSED

    I have tried the NCLEX RN 3times but no sucess.want to try the LPN before i proceed to RN like you did.Can i Use thesame books for RN to study for LPN before I take take the RN,Please will appreciate your sucess story or any advice.
  6. wahala

    Delayed But Not Deined!! U Must Read My Story!!

    congrats I celebrate u because I will celebrate mine soon.Your story gave me faith
  7. wahala

    Passed NCLEX! Study tips...

    Congrat. preparing again and i need all the resources possible thanks for sharing. Ese
  8. wahala

    Passed the NCLEX 2nd time around!!

    Knowing your self,reviewing over and over and taking notes are very important.How do u know you are ready for this exam.
  9. wahala

    my take on the Nclex rn today

    OMG you really cracked me up reading your post because you sounded just like me when i took my last test.Some of the questions really look like chinese and you think this exam is more than a monster.you study one way they attack you with strange questions.anyway hang in there till you see your result dont freak out.Gdluck
  10. wahala

    I PASSED!!!!! 4th times a charms. Heres how

    You are an encouragement.I am going for the fourth time in August.I am going to self study and do my best.congrats
  11. wahala

    Med calc trouble on NCLEX

    pls help i have problems with the calculation.i had a thorn of them and did not make any progress s i did not pass.i saw d thread by voodoo about a book and the backward calculation.does any body know
  12. wahala

    I took Nclex RN today

    :heartbeat:heartbeatHi everyone i took th NCLEX RN exam today for the third time and i believe this exam sucks.the first time 265 questions,2nd time 220 questions and today 253 question and ran out of time.this is exhausting and i really feel stressed out right now.i did my best and waitng to see the good news hopefully .but if you ever passed with lesser exam guestion thank your God .this experience is not fun anymore i want to move on with my life.what do do think of running out of time? anybody in my shoes
  13. wahala

    NCLEX tomorrow at 8am!

    Good luck to you
  14. wahala

    New year new beginning

    Hi NCLEX takers,it a new year.for those of us who did not pass last year,leave last year behind and look forward to success of 09.its just best to be hopeful again and get ready to work it out this new year.lets begin, we can do it.
  15. wahala

    i dont why i failed

    I did saunders cd and i was scoring between 75 and 83% and i felt really confident.I had a lot of priortization that i coulnd not figure out.assingment for CNA,no activites of daily living.After 100 questions i was so confused the complex questions i was geting and kept using all my strategies.I will wait for th printout and see where i have to work on.I will also study priotization and delegation by LaCharity.Thank you guys
  16. wahala

    i dont why i failed

    sorry guys i mean i dont know why i failed.