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  1. University of Pittsburgh CRNA 2025 Start

    Hello, is anyone applying to University of Pittsburgh's CRNA program for Spring 2025?
  2. Ask me anything (CRNA)

    Hi all - I recently graduated and passed boards! If anyone has any questions on anything related to CRNA school or nurse anesthesia , feel free to ask. Good luck to everyone on their applications and journeys towards becoming a nurse anesthetist! It'...
  3. Whether you're a seasoned registered nurse (RN) considering advancing your career or a student mapping out your education, we've provided everything you need to know to pursue a career as a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). Read mor...
  4. Union University CRNA 2024

    Hi everyone! I didn't see a post for people applying to Union's CRNA program for 2024 start, so I figured I would start one. I figured whoever wanted to could share their experience, stats, interview dates, etc. As for me, I have a little over 3...
  5. Union CRNA 2023 Start

    I wanted to start a thread for those applying to Union University CRNA 2023 start!
  6. University of Iowa CRNA App 2025

    Hello! This is a thread for UofIowa's CRNA program for 2025!
  7. Duquesne CRNA 2024 start

    Did anyone submit to Duquesne University's CRNA program for 2024 start? Curious if they have started interviews yet!
  8. CRNAs working at VA hospital

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has any recent insight of the onboarding length for CRNAs in 2023? Also, are you happy with your decision to go to the VA as a CRNA? Compensation package? Pros vs Cons Any advice? I used to work ...
  9. University of Miami CRNA Program- Spring 2024

    Hello guys! I haven't been able to find a forum for this upcoming cohort. I just finished submitting my application a few days ago and just recently received my canelink credentials. How's everyone else rolling along?
  10. I consider myself to have above average intelligence and did fairly well in college (a top 20 private university). Last year, I decided medical school wasn't for me due mainly to the expense (4 years medical school than 3-5 years residency at a very ...
  11. I know there are so many aspiring CRNA's who are dreading the interview day. Let's make this thread the most resourceful for interviewing questions. So share interviewing questions that you had or maybe questions that your friends have had.... Let's ...
  12. I'm a multidisciplinary ICU nurse of almost 2 years here, been working at a world renowned hospital in the ICU for 7 years (5 as a PCA, 2 as an RN). We do transplants (LTX and heart), MICU, SICU, neuro. I do VAD, Impella, CRRT, and soon balloon pumps...
  13. South College CRNA 2024

    Did anyone apply to south college and received any news yet?
  14. Texas Wesleyan CRNA 2023

    Has anyone else gotten an interview invite? I'm super excited and doing some research on interview style and what to expect! I didn't see a thread for Texas Wesleyan for 2023 start date so I thought I would add one. Would love to hear from ...
  15. MSU (Michigan State University) CRNA 2023

    Hey I didn’t see a thread for this so I figured I’d make one. Has anyone else applied to Michigan State’s 2023 CRNA cohort? Hoping we will hear back about interviews soon!
  16. Whether you're a seasoned registered nurse (RN) considering advancing your career or a student mapping out your education, we've provided everything you need to know to pursue a career as a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). Read mor...
  17. Drexel CRNA 2024

    Hi! Just wanted to post and see if anyone has been accepted for Spring 2024 yet and would like to connect?
  18. University of Pittsburgh CRNA Spring 2023

    Sorta surprised that there is no post for this current application for Pitt, especially since the application deadline is a month away. Decided to make this thread for people looking to discuss the application process. Anyone applying to Pitt? I ...
  19. CRNA willing to Mentor

    Hello, I am a 27yo female, currently working as a Neuro ICU nurse (1 year experience ICU and 3 years Neuro IMU), and my goal is to become a CRNA. From the outside looking in there seems to be so much that schools want from applicants. I know there ar...
  20. University of Miami CRNA Program 2023

    UM DNP Nurse Anesthesia Program - Spring 2023
  21. VCU CRNA 2023

    Hi Everyone. I wanted to create a thread for the vcu CRNA 2023. Has anyone submitted their application yet ?
  22. CRNA School Prep Academy

    How to Get Involved with the CRNA Community

    You may be wondering how to get involved in the CRNA community. Below are ways to show your desired schools how committed you are to pursuing the CRNA career path! Shadowing This should be sought out early and frequently. Aim for 1 or 2 time...
  23. CRNA School Prep Academy

    CRNA Career Path: 5 Day Planning Challenge

    Day 1- What's Your Elephant? We all have something that may potentially (or openly) be holding us back from taking the next step to pursue CRNA. Do you doubt yourself and your abilities? Do you wonder if you're smart enough to become a CRNA? Are ...
  24. CRNA School Prep Academy

    5 Tips for Planning Roadmap for CRNA

    The path to CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) can be long and challenging. It's important you take steps one at a time to ensure you not only avoid missteps, but that you avoid overwhelm along the way, too. Everyone pursuing CRNA will hav...
  25. CRNA School Prep Academy

    DNP or DNAP: What are the Differences?

    A number of years ago, the Council on Accreditation (COA) for Nurse Anesthesia programs started considering the transition of terminal degrees for CRNAs to a doctoral degree instead of a master's degree. A terminal degree means the highest degree you...

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