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Drexel University CRNA May 2025

Hi, just applied for 's CRNA program and I'm so nervous, IDK how my app will do against many applicants. 

  • Pre Reqs at Community college GPA: 3.66
  • Diploma RN GPA 2.6 (family death for the best of me)
  • BSN GPA 3.89
  • Science GPA: 4.0
  • Certs- TNCC, CCRN, PALS, ACLS 
  • I've been LPN 5 Years, PICU nurse 2 years. 

Do you guys think I have a chance? Also how long after applying did you hear back? What was the interview like? I'm praying so hard I get in! 

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Good morning! A quick word of advice: 

Prepare for your interview starting now!

"Your application gets you the interview, but your interview is what gets you accepted"

Most applicants will have similar stats--- setting yourself apart in the interview is key. Do this by doing more than regurgitating memorized answers; showcase your critical care knowledge and understanding. Also, having strong emotional intelligence skills are great too. 

We offer guidance on both of these aspects inside our Academy. You can also grab a free Interview Prep Guide with practice questions here: https://www.cspaedu.com/questions

-- Cheering you on!! You CAN do this!! 

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Thank you, I have been prepping. I have a mock interview scheduled. I been reviewing a bunch of stuff

 I hoping to hear when/how long it takes for to get back to people

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SocialButterflyNurse said:

Thank you, I have been prepping. I have a mock interview scheduled. I been reviewing a bunch of stuff

 I hoping to hear when/how long it takes for drexel to get back to people

Way to go! You got this-- we're rooting for you!! 🙌

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I applied back in the end of August and I still haven't heard back yet. I heard they take a very long time to hear back from since they check their applications every couple of months since it's rolling admissions. 

Same with me. Applied in august and haven't heard yet. I emailed them and they said they'll be reviewing applications starting this week.

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Wow. That's such a long time. Let's hope we all hear back soon. They probably have a TON of applicants to go through. They need a better system 

Hi everyone. I have also applied for the Spring 2025 cohort. Haven't heard anything quite yet other than a response that the deadline was 03/31 and will be reviewing applications shortly after. I applied in December. I hope we get to hear something soon. Does anyone know what their interview process is like? Are they clinical;  emotional, etc?

My background and stats:

Nursing GPA: 3.8, Science GPA 4.0, 1 year of cardiac stepdown experience, 2.5 years of cardiac ICU experience in a level one trauma ICU. I am trained in ECMO, LVADs, Impellas, fresh post op lung and heart transplants, and have been in the charge role.  And I have my CCRN as well. 

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Yesssss shout out to your stats! I'm so happy for you! There's a post from a previous cohort, they said the clinical questions were easy, and that there was emotional questions 

Thank you so much. Your stats are also impressive and unique! We all have worked so hard to accomplish this goal in life to become a CRNA. We should be so grateful to even have this opportunity. I am rooting for you, and hope we get an interview invite soon. 🙂 We all have to support one another as nurses. 

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Absolutely!! We'll be classmates!!!

I will most certainly let you know if I hear any emails from them. Hopefully it will be so soon! Waiting around is the worst part of this whole process. 

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