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Hi Guys!

I just graduated and I am a new nurse in L&D. I am currently expecting my first baby in March. My husband and I started having a conversation last night and it came up about students being in the delivery room. He is a nurse is well and had a very hard time being able to witness a delivery during his OB rotation. I feel a little awkward because I am delivering at the hospital I work at which is where I did my OB rotation as well. I was president of the Student Nurse Association at my college so I know several of the juniors and seniors this year. They are scheduled to be in OB when I am due.. I would have no qualms about students in my room but these are students who I have a friendship/relationship with and I am thinking I do not want them to be in there....I will most likely see them again in and around the hospital. My husband kept telling me that I am overthinking this because they are only in there to learn.

How does everyone feel about students in the room observing?

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It's really up to you. It's one thing for a stranger to look at my pooch. It's another thing for someone I know to do it. However, they are nursing it would be a good opportunity for them to learn. Tell them they have to take you to dinner or something. Good luck.

IMHO this is your time, your private life. DO NOT DO IT, make it known you want this time for you and your family. Make sure all know from physicians to CNAs. I'd hate for you to feel upset after the fact, when this is one of the most important times of your life. Sometimes you have to slap your own head and say what the heck was I thinking, I am not a test dummy, this is my life!?

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It's entirely up to you and your husband.

If you prefer privacy, make that known, and DO NOT apologize for it.

Best wishes!

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I think you are the one having the baby, it is your body, and your experience. It is not up to you to make sure students have a good clinical rotation. If you are cool with it then fine. But if you have any doubts then don't allow students in. Not to be rude, but it does not matter what your husband thinks, when it comes down to it this is happening to you.

I agree. I have been the labor nurse and, on one occasion, present in rooms where my RN friends were giving birth. It did give me a "too familiar" feeling. I think I would ban the students this time. It's your family time. Students have other deliveries they can observe.

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I am starting my OB rotation on Tuesday and I as the student, would not feel comfortable watching some give birth that I know on a professional level that I would be seeing again..

I wouldn't do it. They can watch someone else's delivery. Like someone else said, it's one thing to have a stranger witness something like that... it's another to have someone you know and will likely see around later.

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It is a great opportunity for students. When I was a student, during my ob rotation, I never was able to see a birth. The nurses there always said the woman refused but I think they (the nurses) just didn't want us in there. They were awful to us-just made us make up the folders for new moms. Now I'm an L&D nurse and see births all the time but I will always remember what it was like to be a student and seek out opportunities for them. I always ask the woman first and I have not had any say no. Having said that, it is your body and nobody would blame you for wanting to keep this experience private, especially considering if you know the person. When I have a woman in labour, one of my first questions is who would you like in the delivery room. I am kind of like their bouncer. Labour is hard work and you need to feel totally comfortable. Although when I was labouring the entire hospital could have been in there and I would not have cared.

It is your choice-if they are your friends, they will not judge you. Good luck.

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I had five kids and there were students in there everytime, it didn't bother me. I didn't know any of them either. But I did have a doctor deliver my baby that I went to church with and it didn't bother me, it's their job.

When I was in nursing school, I got to see a friend deliver her baby during my rotation. It wasn't akward either, it actually created a special bond between me and the baby because I was there when she came into this world!

It is up to you. I can remember when we delivered our second baby my husband told his mother that she couldn't come into the delivery room. He told her "We made it alone, were going to have it alone".

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Its up to you, really. Do not feel like you have to do this, there will be other women delivering that day, and you will not be the first woman/patient to decline the presence of students. I'm sure everyone will understand. You can share with them once the baby is born.

In the hospital where I worked last year, one of the pediatricians I worked with gave birth in our hospital. Trust me, i was happy to be there once baby and mom were ready for visitors, not before. =)

I have to agree with heartnursing... I am on my OB rotation, and after seeing a live lady partsl birth, I would not feel comfortable watching someone I knew in a professional nature.

This is a very special time between you and your husband. Enjoy it and keep it private, if you go that way.

Good luck!

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