Who's going to Anesthesia school? - page 9

We've had several threads from everyone saying they were accepted to various schools, but if everyone is willing let's do one big thread for everyone that will be starting anesthesia school this... Read More

  1. by   optimisticSRNA
    I have been anxiously waiting to post to this thread! I also will be starting at Oakland University Fall 2007~!
  2. by   bys0600am
    Anybody going to TCU?
  3. by   Anesthetist_to_be
    Oakland University, Fall 07'. Yeehaw!
  4. by   endorphinrush
    Erlanger, Chattanooga, Tenn. Interviewed. Won't hear until first of December.

    UAB: Interviewed Tuesday, got my letter today. Accepted and will accept the position.
  5. by   KermitRN
    NEW BRITAINS SCHOOL starting in May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else???? after all the work to get to this point its a great feeling.
  6. by   jackson74
    UNC Charlotte/CMC Aug 07; Any other 49ers out there?
  7. by   Dreamweaver2be
    Accepted to Nazareth for '08 and the University of Pittsburgh for '07--I am quickly trying to make a decision!
  8. by   ersigchi
    St Raphael's in New Haven CT
    Start may '07
  9. by   Hold'emRN
    I will be starting CRNA school at Samford in June of 2007! I can not wait! Good luck to everyone interviewing this year. I hope everyone gets in! It is a great feeling.
  10. by   andrew921
    The University of Michigan Flint.
    Fall 2007.
  11. by   Hold'emRN
    I posted a few weeks back that I was going to Samford. I have since then been accepted to Mercer university in Macon, GA. I am so excited! This is closer to my home and I will be able to do all of my clinicals in one place. Samford is a great program, anyone would be proud to attend. The faculty there are outstanding. All of the students I met there were very satisfied with the program. I hated to make the call and decline their offer, but Mercer works better for me. Mercer is a great program with a great staff also. I am ready to get started!!!:hatparty:
  12. by   icyounurse
    Just got accepted to Barry University starting January 2008!!!!
  13. by   MethaneMan
    Accepted to Texas Wesleyan for Fall '07...woohoo!:biere: