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SRNA- Baylor Graduate Program

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  1. N-2bate

    Everyone and their dog

    I agree with you Piper- many people attempt to get into anesthesia school but are unable to get admitted or can't afford it. I think overall we, as nurses, are advancing our education and I am really glad about that. We are becoming more educated and have more schooling then ever before. NP and CRNA's are just the beggining of a more striving generation. It is good to know that we are inspire to advance our knowledge base. In a few years, you will start seeing a trend of RN-->MSN--> PhD. That is how are profession is going to survive, by advancing and sharing our knowledge.
  2. N-2bate

    12 hours clincal anyone?

    12 hours shifts are more realistic to what you are going to experience if you decide to go to ICU. It helps you prepare your time management and builds up your stamina.
  3. N-2bate

    Sticking a patient twice?

    Try sticking someone when they have been NPO for > 12 hours, then you might HAVE to stick them twice to get a line. Usually I make sure we don't need any more labs before I hook them to a saline lock.
  4. N-2bate

    How helpful is Valley Review?

    I took the class and bought the books (pretty expensive). But I really think that it has help. The sweat book has some really quick reviews on things you have already learned, but might have forgotten. They explain concepts differently and have some good review questions.
  5. N-2bate

    Who's going to Anesthesia school?

    I am in my last few months of anesthesia school. I will be graduating in December, 2006. So, good luck to everyone. It is a hard road ahead, but just remeber that you'll cry, things break and S@#%&* happens.
  6. N-2bate

    Moving close to Little Rock

    I am planning on moving to LR the in January. I am finishing nurse anesthesia school in December. I was hoping somebody can give me some insight about the Hospitals there. Thanks
  7. N-2bate

    SRNA moving to Little Rock

    My husband's grandparents live in Little Rock, AR. They are getting older and in need of help with ADL's (remember that word from nursing school). So, we decided to move to closer to them. I am currently in Houston finishing my CRNA school and will graduate in December. :mortarboard: I am having a hard time finding a job. Is there any one out there that can help??? What is the average salary for a new grad? I am slightly intimidated by agencies... I feel that sometimes their offers are too good to be true. If any one has any tips to share with me I will really appreciate it. :blushkiss
  8. N-2bate

    AANA National Meeting

    Hi, I am a SRNA at Baylor in Houston and I am planning to attend the National Meeting this year. It will be held in Washington, D.C. from Aug. 6-10. Having a student budget, money is always a concern. I was wondering if anybody had any input on where to stay? how to save money?? I really enjoy the career that I have chosen and I plan to be as active as I can, so I appreciate if you can help me.
  9. N-2bate

    texas crna's

    I am a SRNA at Baylor Houston. Baylor has one of the best programs in the country. It is well put together and very tough. As a student you have access to the human anatomy lab (which is lacking in the UT program), outstanding professors and various clinical sites. The program can become very overwhelming and you have to keep your eyes on the finish line or else. The interviews will challenge you. But it is just a way to see how you react to different situations and uncomfortable surroundings. IT is hard!! But it is all worth it. If you have any more questions just let me know, I can always find time to inspire someone.
  10. N-2bate

    CRNA Interview soon

    I interviewed in Feb. for the Baylor program in Houston. Some clinical questions like a 12-lead EKG, ABG's, hemodynamic parameters, and of course why do you want to do this. I try to be aggressive during the interview and told them how ready I was for it. Be ready to answer things like why should we pick you? why are you doing this now?.... What really got me during the interview was some "psychological" questions like, What is the biggest mistake you have made in your life? when was the last time you were criticized by your peers and why? what color you like and why? what animal you like and why? what would you die for?.. I was not ready for those type of questions. But like someone said earlier do not BS, sometimes they are not expecting you to know the answer they just want to see how you react under pressure. And make sure your unique personality SHINES:balloons: Last tip: Dress professional and watch your posture... don't be playing with the chair or constantly moving... THEY ARE WATCHING EVERYTHING!!!!!:uhoh21: Good luck and let us know how it goes, I hope you get it.
  11. N-2bate

    Baylor Medical College in Houston

    Tenkev, I also had an interview at Baylor, and just received my acceptance letter. Have you heard anything from them yet? I was also impressed at their program and facility. I hope to see you there.
  12. N-2bate

    Question re:CCRN...

    This is my first time in this forum, but I have been reading it for some time now. It helped me get through my interviews, and thank God I was accepted to the Baylor anesthesia program in Houston. I do not have my CCRN, but I am planning on taking the test this summer before school starts. It was brought up during my interview and I told them I was going to take it. I am not sure if it played a role in my admission to the program. Good luck on your future plans :balloons: