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endorphinrush has 15 years experience and specializes in PICU, CVICU, IR Radiology, PICC.

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  1. endorphinrush

    Doctorate for Entry into Nurse Anesthesia by 2025

    :) I will be sure to tell him he was dead wrong. He is our director as well as my instructor for professional aspects. He presented the info and stated he felt it was a terrible idea. Is it written in stone? Of course not. Anything can happen b/w now and then and most people are praying it will get shot down. However, UAB and Samford both claim they will have it ready by 2015 b/c that is what is being pushed for. He made it quite clear that the AANA was not for it. THere are already some MSN programs that are at or near 36 months. I am just grateful that I will grandfather should this come to pass. It was brought up years ago and rumored that by 2010 the DNP requirement would be in place. Obviously that has not happened. So maybe this wont either. But if you apply within 3 years, regardless, you should be fine.
  2. endorphinrush

    Doctorate for Entry into Nurse Anesthesia by 2025

    Funny this should get brought up. I am studying for my first "Professional Aspects" test now. Gotta love all those dates, as if I dont have enough else to study already. DNP's for CRNA's according to my lecture notes will be in place by 2015 as mandated by nursing. It is on a ppt, i didnt write it down. I saw where everyone was saying 2025. Either my professor put it in wrong or the time frame changed? Those of us already in school or who are fortunate enough to be working will be grandfathered and wont have to worry with it. Our dean told us that some programs would end up being 36 months long once the DNP was in place. You cant work until you have completed the entire program. We have two anesthesia schools here, UAB and Samford. Both are already gearing up for the DNP. I dont want one. I had initially thought I would just get my doctorate just b/c. During my interview process I discussed it with one of the faculty and was told there was no reason to get one. I'd still be a nurse (he has a point), its costly and wont give me a pay raise! I'm glad I wont have to worry about it. I'm not really sure it would be a natural progression either. Most people I know think its insane.
  3. endorphinrush

    CRNA Questions

    UAB takes either or and Erlanger in Chattanooga takes just the MAT. I took the MAT. My mind was just geared towards the way it was testing and I knew I could do well on it. I did, I'm in I recommend the MAT. Downside is, many places DO want a GRE score instead.
  4. endorphinrush

    Samford Info

    A buddy of mine just started Samford this past June. First semester under his belt, he is very much enjoying being at Samford. When he interviewed, it was with four different individuals. He met each one seperately in their offices and they did ask him clinical questions. However, the directorship (as someone said) changed since then so I dont know how that will affect the interview process if at all. He did say it was laid back, low key. I didnt apply there. They changed a requirement at the last min and I wasnt going to chase after one class in a mad rush to apply. That being said, Samford is an excellent school. I did the BSN bridge there and I had a great experience there. As for clinical sites, B'ham has several hospitals but UAB has most of the clinical sites locked. I was told by one student a downfall to Samford was having to travel to some of his clinical sites. But then I dont know what his idea of travel is either? Good luck you guys! :)
  5. endorphinrush

    CRNA class size?

    I'll be at UAB in a week and half. My class has 63 (thats how many email addresses I counted on a emai to "all"). I was told UAB takes up to 75, but we have 63 for sure in my class.
  6. endorphinrush

    Who's going to Anesthesia school?

    Uabrn06, sent you a PM. Kimberly Congrats on getting in! I start UAB in 10 days. The pucker factor is high but I'm excited.
  7. endorphinrush

    Future CRNA income

    That is true but you are talking local. On a national level the shortage will be felt. Here at home, we have 2 schools. The market is inundated with anesthetist and salaries have declined slightly b/c of it. But nationally, the shortage still exists and will for some time.
  8. endorphinrush

    Acceptance from alternate list.

    Dont know what to tell you bro. That sucks. I wish you guys the best in the future though. I know several spectacular nurses that had to go back repeatedly before they were accepted. One went back 5x's before they took her. Be tenacious. and when she gets in and has no time for you b/c of academics, remember how much you love her and how spectacular she is
  9. endorphinrush

    bills bills bills

    LOL Dixie you make it sound like you stepped in something lol. Dont forget to wipe your shoes off! I understood what you meant though. I figured it was a different area of masters pursuit. No harm no foul :)
  10. endorphinrush

    money involved in becoming a crna

    Where I live we have 2 schools here locally. One is private (Samford U) and the other is UAB. Samfords total price totals out around 70k (have a friend in the program there now), I was accepted at UAB and they claim it will total out around 32k. Of course I won't be working so I have to cover expenses. I have been blessed in that I can carry some of the load with past stock market investments but it wont cover everything. Just look around, google search for loans. You can get well over 100k total in loans to cover living expenses while in school. The majority of CRNA's I know have a 100k or more in debt. They don't sweat it. "Just pay the minimum even if it takes forever" is what I am told. Works for me.
  11. endorphinrush

    Online BSN

    Getting an RN degree entirely online would be.......not smart :) You would not be remotely prepared. As for the online degree from ADN to BSN....go talk to the director of the program you are interested in. Ask them what they think of it. Part of mine was online, part was classroom and clinical. I was informed by the director of the program I was looking at that they felt online courses were "easier" than class room settings and they expected you to make an A in the course if it was online. After taking online course work, I beg to differ. It is not easier and it is only for those that are very disciplined and self motivated (which thankfully I am). i have several friends that are doing a strictly online BSN at a local U and the school's here don't seem to have a problem with it. Good luck in your pursuits, there is light at the end of the tunnel........I can finally see it myself.
  12. endorphinrush

    Erlanger Acceptance Letter

    UAB starts at the end of August. 27 month program. And yes it is a HUGE relief. I had two "5 year plans" for myself. One was.........just in case I dont make it lol. Now I know which to go with May sound crazy but I think I want to teach later on
  13. endorphinrush

    gpa 3.2

    NICU, that is awesome, congrats on Bay Gooding. I have always heard UAB was a bit political and that most people don't get in on the first try but maybe the second. When I worked PICU, my charge nurse had been an RN for many years. She applied 5x's before they let her in at UAB. I always thought it was b/c of the PICU experience as opposed to say, CVI or something else. Although we were level 1 trauma as well as having swanz etc all the time.
  14. endorphinrush

    Gooding Institute

    I am not going there but I know CRNA's that have and they have nothing but good to say about it. I like how they put you in the OR fast. I think that is cool. I wish the one I will be attending did that but.......It is supposed to be a most excellent program though and I agree, it would be awesome to sit on the beach and study :)
  15. endorphinrush

    Erlanger Acceptance Letter

    Tenn, my Erlanger letter just arrived. Made alternate. Good thing I got in elsewhere! I like how they worded it though. I made alternate but last year they took several from the alternate list so I should "plan appropriately." I have, I have! Good luck in school.
  16. endorphinrush

    gpa 3.2

    I agree with Piper. Apply. The worst that can happen is you don't get an interview. The best........you get in. But make several applications if you are able to. I have a buddy that tried to get in at UAB, Samford, Erlanger, Bay Gooding and I forget where he applied up north but it was a "top 5" ranked CRNA school nationally. He made 75 on his MAT but his GPA was..... 3.2! His work experience was predominantly CVICU and Open Heart Recovery. I think he had about 4 years of work under his belt. He got alternate at Bay Gooding, alternate at UAB and acceptance at the school up north. He is about finished now. It won't hurt to "beef up" your application with other things but I wouldn't let that stop me from putting in the application first. Good luck with your pursuits.